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Garage Decorating Ideas for Halloween (Screams Guaranteed)

Garage Decorating Ideas for Halloween (Screams Guaranteed)
By Flow Wall
August 30, 2021

And if the teetering canned goods towers and unorganized bins in your garage are already scare-inducing? Then you have yourself an excellent venue for a Halloween party (or trick-or-treat scene).

Check out our list for some of the best garage decorating ideas for Halloween.

Your spook alley can be as cute or as scary as you like, plus it's a great way to involve the whole neighborhood

1. Create a Spooky Alley

It doesn’t get easier than this, folks: Simply hang a roll of black plastic sheeting over your garage door, then deck it out with all the fixings. Use cobwebs, witches brooms, cat silhouettes, hanging lights—whatever screams of Halloween! Alternatively, you could create a maze through your garage, then lead the trick or treaters to a witch’s cauldron full of candy.

Make sure you get some cobwebs around the lights that will cast some creepy shadows on the walls

2. Craft an Oversized Spiderweb

All right, maybe it does get easier than a dark, spooky alley arrangement. An oversized spider web is a quick ticket to Spook Town USA. But when you’re going big, the holiday cobwebs won’t suffice. It’s time to bring on the big guns. Get yourself down to the ol’ craft store to pick up some batting (you know, the stuff for quilting), then stretch it across the garage door toward each corner. Add spiders, bugs, and snakes to enhance the scare factor.

Mix some old lampshades with some skeletons for some memorable scary lighting

3. Light it Up

The great thing about Halloween festivities is that they (mostly) happen in the dark. So no need to worry about the current state of your garage. Just add some eerie lighting and let the haunting glow set the mood. Amp up the look by hanging luminaries from long branches, then stringing pumpkin or skull lights back and forth across the garage ceiling. Add rope lights to the floor to complete the look.

Small pumpkins and gourds are nice on the front steps, as well as wreaths and garlands

4. Embrace the Harvest

Are you one of those people who isn’t into all of the goblins and gore of Halloween? If so, we pity you. But we also offer you a less scary alternative theme for your garage Halloween party. Instead of going the spooky route, embrace the fall season with harvest-themed decor. We’re talking hay bales, corn stalks, pumpkins, fall leaves, and (of course) an abundance of pumpkin spice treats.

Getting creative with the headstone messages is always good for a laugh

5. Rest in Peace

What’s Halloween without paying homage to the ghosts that may or may not haunt that old, abandoned home at the end of the block? Play it up by placing headstones and skeletons around the garage. Then make ghosts from cheesecloth and hang them at varying heights around the garage ceiling.

Paint the inside of a jack-o'-lantern for a spooky look, or try some colored lights inside

6. Jack-o'-lanterns

Create a spooky vibe with your pumpkins after you carve them out, by painting them black on the inside. Make sure to let some paint come out through the eyes. Also, don't be afraid to try different kinds of lights, like green, blue or red, for a unique scary look.

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7. Tell Fortunes

Have a knack for seeing the future? Okay, we totally don’t believe you—but we do encourage you to channel your talents into a fortune teller-themed garage for Halloween. Create a fortune teller tent with a round table, table cloth, spooky lighting, glass ball...you get the idea.

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