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Flow Wall & Dave Kindig: Garage Makeover, Remodel & Renovation

Flow Wall & Dave Kindig: Garage Makeover, Remodel & Renovation
By Flow Wall
December 22, 2016

Since he was just a youngster, native Utahn Dave Kindig has had a driving passion for custom automobile design. Today, Kindig's rock-and-roll attitude, creative spirit, and unique style have earned him celebrity status. He has not only received world-wide recognition for his show-stopping custom designs, but his show "Bitchin' Rides" on Velocity TV has helped him become an amiable, heavy-metal TV personality. When Kindig purchased a new home in Draper, Utah, Flow Wall jumped at the opportunity to trick out his garage with a custom organizational system.

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Kindig-It Design: The Rockin' Rise To Greatness


After eight years of working for High Performance Coatings in Salt Lake City, Kindig decided he'd had enough apprenticeship experience to move on to the next level and become his own bad-ass boss. In 1999, he founded Kindig-It Design, a one-stop, complete custom car shop which transforms autos into show-stopping masterpieces.

Kindig started his business in the small confines of his home garage before quickly outgrowing the space and leasing a 4500-square-foot shop in Salt Lake City. Here, he used his skills and mastery to work on big projects like the hand-painted PT Cruiser for Uglies.com and other crazy, custom rides.

As word of the Kindig-It's unique, hard-core craftsmanship spread, the demand for eye-catching Kindig designs grew. Once again, the Kindig crew expanded their business to a 9000-square-foot shop where they'd have enough space to take on killer projects and build remarkable vehicles for clients who wanted a high-quality, one-of-a-kind project.

Today, Kindig-It Design operates out of a 27,000-square-foot shop with state-of-the-art metal fabrication, paint, and upholstery facilities. Along with earning Utah's Finest Award at the Salt Lake City AutoRama numerous years in a row, Kindig-It Design's customized cars have been recognized by heavy-hitters in the industry, including:

As high-spirited and hard-core as Kindig presents himself, he also cares deeply about making sure his shop is organized and efficient. With everything in its right place, he and his crew can do what they do best: design cars, no holds barred.

To get the most out of his garage organization, Kindig turned to Flow Wall for a customizable solution as cool and customizable as his cars. Flow Wall's products helped to store tools and equipment in a way that enabled his crew to work efficiently and productively.


Kindig & Flow Wall Go Way Back


Kindig originally used a Flow Wall design inside his car trailer, where he sold t-shirts and other Kindig-It Design memorabilia. He quickly fell in love with the ease, durability, and reliability of Flow Wall's products and installed a customizable system in his massive downtown warehouse.

After purchasing a new home in Draper, Utah, Flow Wall was stoked to help Kindig trick-out his four-bay garage with a custom Flow Wall system. As a long-time customer of Flow Wall and proponent of Flow Wall products, Kindig was equally as hyped about the sponsorship.


The Unique Kindig Design Flow Wall Project

Kindig worked with Flow Wall to design a storage system which allowed him to have easy access to every item in his garage. First, they installed several Slatwall Panel Organizers as a base which allowed him to add additional attachments or readjust the design as he felt necessary. Unlike old slat boards and wooden clips, this patented modular design is made from a lightweight, durable cellulose PVC that's easy to install and customize. Cabinets, bins, hooks, and shelves are simply ‘clicked' into the panel and will remain secure until you move them.

One of Kindig's biggest requests was to create a space that looked neat and organized when the garage doors were open. Flow Wall rose to the occasion by installing cabinets to help conceal clutter and store commonly used items like snow shovels and gardening supplies.

Kindig hand-selected his cabinets from a variety of different sizes and designs including:

  • Base Cabinet: A 26-inch-high wall mount cabinet with adjustable shelf
  • Drawer Cabinet: Three pull-out drawers, each capable of holding up to 50-pounds
  • Wall Cabinet: A 26-inch-high wall mount cabinet with adjustable shelf
  • Tall Cabinet: A 72-inch-high wall mount cabinet comes with three adjustable shelves
  • Jumbo Cabinet: A 72-inch-high wall mount cabinet includes four adjustable shelves

Kindig opted for the Graphite Carbon Fiber color to reflect his heavy-metal style, but cabinets also come in Red Carbon, Platinum Carbon, Silver, White, Espresso, and Maple. He also wanted to have a designated space to hang bikes, skateboards, and other large items in an organized manner.

To achieve this, Flow Wall installed several hooks and racks which added functionality to his space: the Folding Bike Rack Hook, the Sports Hook and Heavy Duty Hook Bundles, the Magnet Hook (a favorite of Kindig's), Nylon Strap Hooks, Bin Holder Brackets, and a Paper Towel Rack.

Flow Wall finished the look off by implementing a garage shelving system and hard and soft storage bins. One of Kindig's favorite aspects of the Flow Wall garage storage system is the durability of the materials. Just as he relied on Flow Wall to help display the merchandise he sold out of his trailer and store the tools and equipment he uses in his warehouse, Kindig now relies on Flow Wall to keep his home garage functional and organized.


How Much Does It Cost to Remodel a Garage?


After seeing Dave's sick setup, you might be wondering how much it would cost to give your own garage a makeover, so let's talk numbers.

It's no secret that Dave Kindig spent a pretty penny outfitting his garage with a top-notch custom storage solution, but you don't have to break the bank to create a space that works for you. The beauty of our Flow Wall garage storage solutions is that they come in a variety of different styles and combinations so you can start building your dream garage at a price and pace that works best for you.

Depending on the size of your space and the things you want to store, a basic garage remodel can be accomplished with just a few organizational items, such as our wall racks, mounted cabinets, and bracket shelves. Use these garage organization tips to plan your design so you can get a better feel for the type of storage solution you'll need.

For a price estimate that's far more accurate, we suggest you make a thorough plan for your garage remodel before you get started. Consider what you'll use the area for the most and what you're trying to accomplish.

Is your aim to design a fully-functional workshop? Then you're going to need a deluxe storage system to properly store all of your tools and equipment, while still leaving you with plenty of space to work.

Are you trying to organize an entire garage of clutter? Make a list of everything you want to keep in the garage (organize items by category) and decide how you'll want to store each category. For example, bikes, snowboards, and other athletic equipment can be hung on hooks using a few mounted wall panels. Storage bins, tool boxes, and other items can be stacked on metal bracket shelves. And of course, we can't forget those handy mounted cabinets for storing pretty much anything.

Once you have a solid understanding of how you plan to use your garage, you can make a list of the items you'll need to design the perfect setup without going over budget.

If you're leaning more toward a total garage renovation, you should expect to pay a minimum of six grand for new flooring, repairs, paint, storage solutions, insulation, and whatever else you might need for the ultimate garage makeover.


Quick Tips for a Garage Renovation


 Suffice it to say, a full-blown garage makeover is nothing to sneeze at. Depending on the size of your space and the extent of your plans, you can expect to pay anywhere between $2,000 to upwards of $20,000. According to Fixr, the current national average for a two-car garage renovation is $6,500.

That may seem a little steep for the workshop of your dreams, but a garage remodel doesn't just provide you with the ultimate workshop or the perfect place to store all of your tools and toys: It also has great potential to increase the value of your home -- if done correctly.

You don't want to cut corners with this one. Even if you aren't doing an all-out Dave Kindig garage makeover, here are a few tips for you to ensure a safe and successful garage renovation.


Use the Best Material for Garage Walls


The standard material for garage walls is good ol' drywall, which is a sturdy choice in good condition. However, drywall is commonly replaced or covered up during major garage renovations for purposes that range from enhanced durability to additional insulation. Plywood paired with the right paint will give your garage a nice, fresh look, while metal panels can be fastened over drywall to brighten up a dark space. The walls can be improved even more with a handy layer of slatwall or pegboard to hang your storage.


Choose the Right Flooring


Garage flooring comes in a variety of types and styles to create a space that's sensible and visually appealing. To spruce up an old floor on a tight budget, thoroughly clean every inch and add a fresh coating of latex concrete floor paint. If you'd rather, you can also go for the stains or sealers depending on the look you want to achieve.

Another option is to invest in garage floor coverings, which come in rollout mats or tiles that interlock. This is by far the easiest garage flooring option, but it's definitely on the pricier side.


Hire a Professional for the Hard Stuff


A garage renovation can have a great impact on the value of your home, for better or worse. It can also be a dangerous task to perform yourself. For these two reasons, we strongly advise that you enlist the help of a professional when it comes to electrical work and any major renovations to the structure of the garage. Before starting your remodel, research your city codes to make sure your plans are legal.


Overcoming Project Challenges

Because Kindig is so familiar and knowledgeable of Flow Wall products, installing a garage organization system was relatively quick and easy. However, as with many homes and businesses, Kindig's garage had a unique architectural feature that prevented the installation of a specific Flow Wall panel. However, thanks to Flow Wall's adaptable design, Kindig's system could be altered without forsaking visual appeal or functionality.


This type of adaptation is one of Flow Wall's greatest features. Cabinets, shelving units, and accessories can be attached and detached with ease so home and business owners like Kindig can rearrange their look or alter organization to fit their needs. Along with the patented Flow Wall design, cabinets don't have a backing, which means hooks and bins can be added inside and any clutter can be hidden behind cabinet doors.

Because Flow Wall products aren't made out of traditional metal, they can be seamlessly implemented into indoor spaces like laundry and craft rooms. From garage storage to indoor wall organization, Flow Wall has the perfect solution to help you design your ideal garage.

Check out our video, Flow Wall & Dave Kindig: Design Project

Ready to create the garage space of your dreams? Check out our Planning Guide or free Rendering Service and let us help you design a functional, stylish garage.

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