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Easy-access storage tips for organizing your beach gear

By Flow Wall
July 28, 2014

You likely want to take advantage of summer weather while it's still here - when else will you get to work on your tan? Of course, that means you'll have to pull all of your family's gear out of winter storage bins and organize it in a way that's easy to access. Fortunately, you can use Flow Wall and a few simple strategies to ensure your towels, sunscreen and cooler are all set to go.

Keep everything in one place

Beach gear all has a very specific purpose - you use those items when you hit the sand or head to the pool. If you want to be out of the house and down by the lake as quickly as possible, store all of your beach necessities together. You could accidentally forget important objects if you have to look in your bathroom cabinet for sunscreen, your hall closet for towels and your basement for a beach bag. Pick a room to set up an organizational wall storage system and place all of your beach gear there.

If you own beach balls and other large items, you might want to set up your storage system in the garage. Take an inventory of everything you own to decide which area of your house is best suited to hold your beach belongings. The area near your laundry room is another great option - you can wash and store your beach towels without leaving the area!

Use organizational equipment that fits your home

Wall storage systems are a godsend when it comes to organizing your home. Flow Wall products include a wall panel that allows you to hang and arrange cabinets, hooks, bins, etc., in a way that best suits your lifestyle and your space. For instance, if you need a surface on which to set objects, select a Flow Wall work space counter shelf. As you are currently deciding how best to store your beach gear, you should think about ways to arrange your Flow Wall system to meet your needs.

If you have extra space in laundry room or guest room, you could add storage to keep your seasonal gear. You can fold your towels and place them on the shelves, along with a beach bag. On the other hand, you might prefer to install storage hooks so you can hang your towels and bags. Of course, you can create a storage space with a combination of the two.

Have a dedicated beach bag

Sunscreen and beach toys are rather small and can get lost in a large closet or cabinet. Place all of these little pieces together in your beach bag and hang that in your wall cabinet. That way, everything you need is already together and ready to grab.

Return objects to their rightful spots

After a long day in the sun, you might not feel like hanging and storing all of your beach gear in its proper place. However, leaving your bag in your den or mudroom could cause you to lose an item or two. Make sure you put everything away after you use it so the gear is there on the next beach day. By the same token, you should also wash your towels before putting them away, if need be. Next time you head out, your towels will be nice and fluffy.