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Declutter Today and Eliminate Growing Hazards in Your Garage

By Flow Wall
August 18, 2016

Between busy schedules and unpredictable weather patterns, your garage begins to accumulate piles and before you know it has turned into the island of misfit equipment. If your garage can no longer house a vehicle or you find yourself digging through piles on the floor to find the holiday decorations from last year, it may be time for a garage overhaul.

Signs Your Garage is in Dire Need of Decluttering

Lost Functionality

Your garage is due for a proper decluttering if it no longer serves a functional purpose. Your garage's main function is to house your automobiles and has secondary functions for equipment and storage. When neither your car nor your storage fits in your garage, a reorganization is necessary. Begin the decluttering process by pulling everything out of your garage and sorting items into piles by likeness.


When your garage is so messy that you cannot find basic tools and equipment you need, it is time for a good cleaning. Eliminate stress and create intentional space for all your necessary items by cleaning out your garage. Once items are sorted, eliminate any damaged items and donate duplicate or unnecessary pieces to limit your collection. Before placing anything back in, make sure to do any repairs to previously blocked areas and retouch up any paint.

No More Space

Things that don't fit in the rooms of your home are likely to end up in your garage, but a real problem exists when there is no more storage space in the garage either. Determine what essential objects deserve a place in your garage and which ones can be housed elsewhere. Designate zones i.e. sports equipment, holiday decorations, lawn care tools, etc. in your garage to lay out a plan of where you will put what you are keeping.

Safety Hazard

Boxes stacked to the ceiling have the potential to fall on anyone walking past and bottles of hazardous chemicals can easily spill when crammed into forgotten places. When you, your family, or your pet's lives could potentially be at risk, there is no choice but to clear out your garage.

Garage Storage Solutions

Flow Wall

Consider installing a Flow Wall in your garage to maximize storage and efficiently organize your items. Flow Wall has accessories such as hooks to hang rakes and shovels, cabinets to store cleaners, and bins for loose nuts and screws. Install a Flow Wall and declutter your garage by organizing your tools and equipment.

Utilize Ceiling Space

Install shelving above your cars. Use this space to store items you don't often access like holiday decorations and other seasonal products.


Create a system of accountability to ensure that you and your family are returning items to their designated areas and maintaining organization. Have consequences for the kids like forfeiting portions of their allowance or extra chores to enforce accountability. Make sure the adults have consequences, too! Put in the work now and reap the rewards of a decluttered, organized garage with ample space for all necessary items. Visit Flow Wall for a garage organization solution that will keep your clutter to a minimum.