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Custom Garage Storage: Free Yourself From The Stress Of A Humid Garage

By Flow Wall
August 9, 2018

Have you had any problems with excess humidity in your garage? Too much humidity can cause structural damage to flooring and finishes—and harm your stored possessions. Plus, standing moisture breeds mildew, mold, and dust mites. With that being said, garage organization can actually have a positive impact on your health. Improving air circulation, custom storage solutions, drains, and floor coatings can get rid of most of this storage humidity.

Improve Air Circulation

Better airflow through your garage is the first thing to improve. Open your garage doors and windows when possible to release moisture, turn on or bring in fans, and clear stored items off of the floor to improve airflow, putting them on custom storage such as shelves and hanging racks. Opening windows isn't always an option, but even letting sunlight in through open blinds can clear up condensation. Movable Slatwall shelves that are secured by metal brackets are especially useful as you find new stored items of different sizes that need to go up on shelves. Hanging storage hooks and racks can help with this because you can hang items directly on them to get them out of the way but they're still accessible for when they're needed.

Improve Your Floor Drainage & Coating

Make sure your garage floor drains are working at their best. Clear any stored items away from them to allow any condensation to drain out quickly. Also, check if there are any leaks under the garage door or from the walls. Rooftop drainage is also important to inspect: make sure that water is running through the downspouts and eavestroughs or rain gutters smoothly and not leaking into the garage. To fight serious condensation problems, you can also apply a garage floor coating that is made for a wet region. If you have any loose items that are in your way during any of this work, hanging storage bins or wall storage cabinets are convenient custom garage storage solutions to consolidate them. You might want a mix of large and small bins for different sizes of items, from small toys up to garden tools or car supplies. Clearing items off the floor and inspecting the drains might only take part of a day. Installing convenient custom storage solutions or applying a garage floor coating might take another part of the day—a day well spent to lessen excess humidity, or rid you of it altogether.