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Auto Body Shop Storage Solutions: How to Make a Positive Impression

By Flow Wall
April 26, 2018

As the owner of an Auto Body Shop, you're an expert at delivering lasting positive impressions. From unique paint jobs to remarkable auto body repairs and remodels, you know exactly what it takes to give vehicles the sparkle and shine needed to satisfy customers. While auto design is your specialty, interior design may not be a top priority to the business. However, by having a garage that reflects the same skill and style you put into each vehicle, you'll be able to leave a lasting positive impression on your clients. With these garage storage solution tips, you'll be able to breathe new life into your shop.

Design Your Garage Layout

Have you ever designed or worked on any two cars that were exactly the same? While you've likely seen tons of similarities, the chances of you doing the same work, on the same car, with all the same exact features, is slim. Think of your auto shop the same way you consider each car you work on: unique, impressive, and useful. Gone are the days of gray concrete blocks commonly found in the classic “one-size-fits-all” solution for auto shops. As a general rule, however, every functional, organized, and welcoming garage should have 12 designated areas for the following purposes:

  • Reception area
  • Estimating bay
  • Repair planning area
  • Parts department
  • Work-in-process space
  • Repair bays
  • Paint prep zone
  • Paint cycle zone
  • Reassembly area
  • Detail department
  • Final inspection area
  • Delivery bay

Even if you don't have enough existing space for 12 individual segments, you can still get this type of efficient flow by establishing overlapping or multi-use areas. Along with ensuring your shop is being used as effectively as possible, having these dedicated areas also aids in the flow and organization needed to give your garage that extra gleam.

Use Organizational Elements

Notorious for being cluttered with car pieces and engine parts of all different sizes, auto shops aren't often examples of notable organization. By implementing the use of customizable garage storage solutions, you can benefit from having a shop that doesn't just look good and leave a lasting impression on clients, but also one which aid in the functionality and flow of work space. Some key organizational elements to consider in your shop include:

  • Customizable Garage Storage System: Thanks to modern innovation and technology, there are organization solutions that can be customized to cater to all your wants and needs. Along with pre-designed systems that come with all the bells and whistles, you can also begin the organizational process with a wall hook and panel starter set. As one foundation of garage storage systems, a hook and panel set gives you a clean, accessible place to hang tools and equipment while also allowing you the freedom to add and rearrange additional accessories

.Conceal The Clutter: Give your shop a sleek, polished look by installing garage wall cabinets in areas prone to collecting clutter. Garage cupboards also pair well with tool benches and work areas where you need quick and easy access to tools but don't want them to be an eyesore for clients and car owners. You can pick and choose which styles, sizes, and colors best fit your needs. 

  • Wake Up Your Workstations: One of the coolest aspects of owning an auto body shop is the fact that you're consistently improving the appearance of cars. This aspect alone will attract clients. Consider installing windows near or around common workstations so owners can watch your craftsmanship first hand. You can also make your garage workstations play into your unique interior design theme by installing custom colored cabinets, hooks, and drawers.  

Staying organized doesn't have to mean your autoshop needs to be bland and mundane. Add helpful elements that both aid in the overall feel and vibe of your shop as well as encourage order and flow throughout.

Clean And Comfort Is Key

Customers want to feel welcomed into your auto shop. Whether they are just stopping by to drop off their vehicle or want to wait while their car is being worked on, having a comfortable place for customers is key. When designing your waiting room or reception area, consider including the following features:

  • Free water, coffee, and other refreshments
  • Snacks like fruit, popcorn, individual chip bags, etc.
  • Comfortable seating options of different sizes and styles
  • Entertainment like television, reading materials, free wi-fi, etc.
  • Storage solutions like garage shelving units, hooks, and cupboards that keep both shop tools and client belongings safe and organized

While these individual elements are key, consider making them even more impactful by incorporating them into your theme and style. For example, if older cars are your specialty, consider doing a retro-themed shop with old school seating, a functioning jukebox, and unique wall decor. By taking these tips into consideration, you can transform your auto body shop from an ordinary shop into an inviting and impressive garage. Remember to design your layout, use organizational elements, and keep it clean and comfortable to really make a good first impression with your customers. Using the tips above, it will be easy to transform your space.