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8 Top Garage Bar Ideas

8 Top Garage Bar Ideas
By Flow Wall
August 11, 2021

But think about it: This part of your home possesses some seriously untapped potential. Your garage can house dusty camping chairs and food storage . . . or it can be a cool spot to grab a drink—no transportation required.

Once you’ve given that some thought, we know you’ll make the right choice.

If you’re ready to really make the most of your garage space, check out these garage bar ideas from the pros. We’ll explain how to turn your garage into a bar so cool you’ll forget you ever used to leave the house for a great drink and a cool vibe.

1. Consider Your Layout

Whether you have a garage the size of a postage stamp or a more spacious arrangement, you can make this garage bar happen. Sure, you may lose your car spot—but think about what you’ll gain in return! When you have more square footage, you can set up your garage bar in one corner, then leave the rest of the space for a workshop or regular ol’ storage.

2. Name Your Garage Bar

One of the most important garage bar decorating ideas starts with a name. Why? Because a name will give you direction and inspiration as you bring the whole thing together. (Obviously, The Rusty Tavern will have a different feel than Joe’s Late Nite Lounge.) Once you decide on a name, make it official by creating a sign (or having one made).

3. Upgrade Your Walls

No garage bar is complete without upgrading bare walls to something that really sets the ambiance. Choose from unique wallpaper, moody dark paint, or bright splashes of color . . . heck, you can even paint a mural. This is your bar, and you do what you want!

Industrial lights with exposed filaments are perfect for creating a reassuring vibe in your garage bar

4. Choose Mood Lighting

Along with the wall colors, lighting is one of the most crucial parts of creating a great garage bar. Choose a combination of pendant lighting, task lamps, and maybe even some colored lights. Just remember, a single overhead light usually kills the vibe when you’re aiming for a cool and carefree bar experience.

Your basic garage fridge can also be super helpful for an impromptu barbecue

5. Create Drink Storage

If you’ve embarked on this journey of learning how to convert a garage into a bar, let’s set one thing straight: you won’t be asking friends to supply the drinks. The BYOB days are over. You’re the cool bar in town now, and it’s only fitting that you keep your bar stocked. Whether you create a wine cellar, liquor cabinet, bar cart, or mini-fridge, remember to consider drink storage as you design your space.

Impress your friends with your own versions of homemade cocktails

6. Makeover Floors

Making over floors will take your garage bar to the next level. Start with a simple concrete stain if you’re on a budget, or go all out by installing brand new floors. Choose hardwood or vinyl plank flooring for a traditional look, or go retro with checkerboard floor tiles.

7. Install Shelves

Shelves are another essential part of a great garage bar. Use them to store your drinks, glasses, shakers, and other drink supplies. Or bring in decor like art and other knick-knacks that show off your personal style. Install DIY floating shelves or pick up garage cabinetry to store your supplies out of sight.

8. Accessorize, Accessorize

Your favorite bar probably has something special going for it, whether it’s pool tables, funky wall art, or that deer head hanging over the entryway. Likewise, your garage bar needs some accessories that set it apart from every other garage on the block. Transform the space by adding a TV, stereo system, darts, or anything else you’ll enjoy while you throw back a beer.

Build Your Garage Bar with Flow Wall

We’ve shared some winning garage bar ideas, and now it’s go-time. Roll up your sleeves and check out Flow Wall for everything you need to build a garage bar, including wall panels, cabinets, hooks, and more. Bottoms up!