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7 top renovation mistakes to avoid

By Flow Wall
March 3, 2014

A renovation project can be a huge undertaking, so it's important to plan well in advance so you are prepared for the home remodeling process. However, even with preparation, some homeowners tend to make common mistakes. Here is a list of the top ones and how to avoid them in your craft room storage space and in other areas:

1. Not prepping your space

It's important to prep your space before you begin any renovation process. First you'll need to clear everything from the room and clean the area. Give the walls a good wiping down and sweep, vacuum or mop the floor.

2. Buying cheap building materials

Don't skimp on quality. Building materials must last multiple years, so consider the purchase an investment. Opt for quality materials so you know you'll have peace of mind that your purchase will hold up over the years.

3. Taking inaccurate measurements

The phrase "measure twice, cut once" is popular for a reason. Take your time with your measurements so you won't have any problems down the line. Be sure to write down each measurement in a notepad with a brief description explaining where it correlates to.

4. Skipping built-ins

When you are completing a home renovation project, consider the use of built-ins. They are a valuable storage option that adds style and functionality to home. Wall cabinets and wall mount shelves give you a place to store books, picture frames and trinkets. Additionally, a garage organization system can help declutter your space. Just choose the finish type and size of cabinets and shelves you need for all your belongings (this is where the measurements come in handy).

5. Using improper tools

If you are completing a home renovation project yourself be sure to use the right tools. For example, if you plan to install a wall amount storage system, most of the items you need to hang the panels will come with the kit, but you may need common hand tools to complete the process. Follow the manufacturer's guidelines to ensure the unit is installed properly.

6. Not planning lighting

Lighting is a critical part of a room's design. It helps create a functional space to sit with friends and family and enjoy hobbies like reading. So plan the placement of overhead track lighting, wall and floor lamps when you organize the layout of the room. For example, overhead lamps should be around hung the perimeter of the room, while floor and table lamps can be housed in various other spots.

7. Not planning for mistakes

Mistakes are bound to happen with any home renovation project. It's important to plan for them by having some cushion in your budget and setting aside extra building materials for later use. However, you can avoid a variety of mistakes by going slow and understanding the installation process for every project before you begin.