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5 steps toward organizing your craft room

By Flow Wall
July 7, 2014

No matter what kind of crafting you do, be it scrapbooking, sewing or knitting, you need a way to organize your materials. All that yarn, fabric, notions and paper can clutter a craft room quickly, but having the right storage units will keep your workspace neat. Make sure everything is where it needs to be by following these craft room ideas for keeping your supplies organized:

Step 1: Declutter

Before you tackle any of the real organization in your workspace, take time to go through the items you have. You should get rid of supplies you don't need by giving them to other crafty friends or donating them. You never know if that fabric you don't like will be another seamstress's inspiration. Be ruthless when decluttering your craft room - if you haven't used a particular item in the last year, you don't need it.

Step 2: Sort your belongings

Once you're left with only the supplies you use, you can sort them. Create stacks or piles that consist of one type of item. For example, all your thread could go in one pile while fasteners go in another. Supplies that you have a lot of (such as paper or fabric) can be organized by color, theme or type. For example, some scrapbooking paper pads are holiday-themed while others are simply colored, so they could go in different piles.

Step 3: Purchase organizational tools

Cabinets, drawers, counters and bins all provide ample storage space for your crafting supplies. The room in which you complete your projects should be full of these types of organizational tools. When selecting your storage options, remember that vertical space is your best friend. By taking your materials off the floor and placing them in wall mount storage spots, you'll save space.

The Five Piece Deluxe Cabinet Set from Flow Wall is the perfect solution for your craft room storage needs. The cabinets and shelves in the set all hook onto a wall-mounted panel. You can configure the pieces in whatever way works best in your space.

Step 4: Arrange your cabinets

When you assemble your cabinet set, think about how you'll use your craft room. Do you pull out certain supplies all the time and others less often? Consider placing your favorite objects close at hand, such as inside hanging bins. Appliances you want out of sight when not in use can go inside the cabinet. For example, your sewing machine will fit nicely behind the doors of your cabinet.

You can hang cabinets on the lower part of your wall panel, creating a countertop. Consider placing cutting boards or other flat and often-used tools on top of these surfaces. Basically, think accessibility.

Step 5: Put away your supplies

After you've planned how you want to arrange your craft room, simply put your supplies away. Maintain the sorted groups you created before by placing each category together. Your blue fabric might sit on the top shelf and green fabric on the shelf below, for instance. However you choose to place your belongings is up to you. Feel free to tweak your organization technique as needed - adjusting to the new arrangement will take a few trial runs. Eventually, you'll know where everything is. Maintain your organization by putting things away after you're done using them.