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3 stylish mudroom storage solutions

By Flow Wall
March 18, 2014

Your mudroom is an important space in your home. Although you may not spend as much time in your mudroom as in your living room or kitchen, that space still makes an impression when you come home or when guests come to visit. Read on for some creative options that will have a big impact and keep you organized.

1. Style your space

Create a welcoming place for your family and guests by bringing your interior design skills all the way into your mudroom. Use complementary paint colors that match the surrounding rooms, and bring in elements like fabric to cover a bench and pictures to decorate the walls and shelves. Fabric-covered decor bins are the perfect solution to keep everything in your mudroom neat and organized. They're also attractive enough to display in sight on shelves, and they can pull the design from your nearby rooms through to the mudroom. Don't forget to add decorative elements to your mudroom too: framed photos of the family or landscapes you love will make this room feel less like a changing station and more like an extension of your living area.

2. Kid-friendly mudroom

If you have kids in your home, it may be a challenge to corral all of their outerwear. Custom cabinetry in your entryway that's set at their height will make putting their hats, gloves and scarves away easier. You can even install coat hooks at kids' level so they can practice picking up after themselves. Make things easy for you and your family by installing a starter set that can house kids' boots and outdoor accessories in attractive display cubes, and the hooks for coats and umbrellas will keep them neat but within reach.

3. Customize closet design

Try installing some custom accessories in your mudroom closet or tall cabinets to keep everything in its place. Bins can hold your children's toys, boots and hats. Use acrylic shelf dividers to separate his-and-hers accessories or to keep your stacks of sweaters and scarves neat and tidy. Durable bins affixed to your panel system work great on rainy days to hold wet clothes or to organize mittens or gloves. You can mix and match which accessories will work best for your family to create a customized space that emphasizes organization but also welcomes you home.