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10 Dream Garage Ideas That Look Sleek | Flow Wall

10 Dream Garage Ideas That Look Sleek | Flow Wall
By Flow Wall
November 16, 2020

You’ve got the house, the career, the five-year plan, and now you’ve got the car of your dreams. The only thing missing is that killer garage space for your new baby, where you can show her off, keep her safe and warm, and have some fun with your bros. 

Obviously, you’ll need somewhere to keep the snacks and beer, but you might want to consider some organization options while you’re at it. Check out these dream garage ideas to get started.

How Can I Make My Garage Nice?

Okay, yes: Your garage should probably be a functional workspace with easy access to tools and plenty of space to get around your car during cleaning and maintenance. And some of our tips below are absolutely practical and will help with that goal.

But that doesn’t mean it can’t be your favorite part of the house as well! Incorporate these dream garage must-haves for a finished space you’ll never want to leave.

1. Finish the Walls

Typically, when you move into a new home, the walls in the garage are unfinished. Sounds like a new project to us! Add insulation to help maintain a comfortable temp inside. Then trick out the walls with soundproofing so you can blast your favorite music without having the neighbors call the cops. You can also paint the walls so the room feels finished and looks awesome.

2. Sound System

Speaking of music, while you’re working on the walls anyway, consider adding a built-in sound system. Strategically placed speakers will make it easy to hear your music—or the football game—no matter what part of the garage you’re working or hanging out in. Just don’t forget that soundproofing. It’s not good work music if it’s too quiet. We’re all blasting showtunes, right?

3. Flooring

Before you put in any shelving or park your car inside the garage, be sure to prep the floor. Add a protective sealant or garage floor tiles for easy cleanup in case you spill oil or your car ever leaks. You can also choose a color or design to add shine and class to an otherwise bland and boring space.

4. Wall-Based Storage & Cabinetry

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Let’s face it—what every garage needs most is plenty of storage space. High-quality cabinets come in various sizes and configurations and can be combined with hooks, shelves, and slatwall panels to give everything a home. Take note of what you need to store and carefully measure the space before choosing cabinetry that works for you.

5. Overhead Storage

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Don’t forget to use the available vertical space for even more storage. Hang bikes, kayaks, spare tires, or shelving for boxes and other large items. Remember, the more you can store overhead, the more room you’ll have left below for entertainment or workspace. 

As far as dream car garage ideas go, one of the best ways to create more space and protect your car is to install a car lift. This way, your car can be lifted overhead to make room for another vehicle, or you can raise it when you invite the guys over. Put out a folding table and chairs in the wide open space you’ve created—instant poker night!

Yeah, this idea costs a few bucks. That’s why it’s a dream, man. Now go make bank so it can become a reality!

6. Dream Garage Workshop

Every man needs a dream garage workshop for personal projects, car maintenance, or hobbies. Design a space that includes a workbench, plenty of tool storage, and outlets for power tools. Add a slatwall panel with hooks above your workbench and hang the items you use most often so they are visible and within reach.

7. Entertainment Area

Adding your famous bbq can make a garage into a great place to kick back with friends and family

Make your BBQs even better by hanging a flat-screen TV on one of the walls. Plant the grill in the middle of the driveway, and you won’t have far to go at all from checking the steaks to stepping into the garage to check the score. Add a sofa or a couple of recliners, maybe a coffee table, and the whole crew will feel right at home. 

If you have the space, add a pool table or a putting green and you’ll never need to go inside again.

8. Bar & Kitchenette

The only thing missing at this point is sustenance, am I right? Use one wall to install a small kitchenette, complete with a refrigerator (of course), and store all your favorite drinks and snacks within easy reach. Plus, you’ll have a handy place to keep everything you need when you’re grilling just outside. Make it really stand out by incorporating a fully stocked bar. We’ll be over as soon as we get the kids in bed, okay?

9. Wall Decor


Finally, add the final touches to your dream garage by hanging wall decor that shows off your personality or highlights the main features of the space. Old license plates and road signs (not stolen, no matter what Uncle Tim advocates) look great hanging in the garage. Plus, there are plenty of funky modern art pieces that would class it up while maintaining a masculine motif.

10. New Garage Door

Now that the inside of your garage has been transformed with dream garage must-haves, it’s time to consider sprucing up the outside. If you chose a garage door you love when you built your home, you can skip this step. Otherwise, consider making some improvements. 

The garage is one of the first things people notice when they look at the front of your home, simply because of its massive size. Choose a color you love, add windows, or attach decorative hinges and handles as an accent.

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