Frequently Asked Questions

Flow Wall™ works with MOST other slat wall storage accessories. Specifically, accessories with L slot angled upwards does work. Flow Wall™ works with most Store Wall, Schulte and standard wall storage accessories. However, for the CLICK in function to work, you must use Flow Wall™ panels with genuine Flow Wall™ accessories. Flow Wall™ does NOT work with Gladiator accessories, which are proprietary to Whirlpool Corp. or Schulte baskets that have the ROD ends.
Option 1- Purchase Concrete screws at your local hardware store. These with a hammer drill will get the job done.

Option 2- Fir out the wall using 2” x 2” or greater studs. Simply anchor the studs to the concrete wall using concrete wall anchors spacing them 12” - 16” off center. For added support when storing heavier items, we recommend that you then put a plywood sheet over the studs to help guard against deflection of Flow Wall™ panels.
Yes, definitely. Flow Wall™ panels can easily be cut using a table saw or jig saw. For best results use a slider saw capable of making 12” or longer cuter. Use Flow Wall™ finishing and connector strips to cover up imperfections in your cuts.
Yes, Flow Wall™ is totally waterproof and mold / mildew resistant.
Once you map the studs out on your wall, it takes 10-12 minutes per panel to properly install Flow Wall™™ panels. We recommend that you use two people to install Flow Wall™ as this will help align the panels and reduce mistakes.
When properly installed, Flow Wall™ panels will hold about 100 lbs per sq ft.
Use Flow Wall™ anywhere you need clean, functional and organized space. You can use Flow Wall™ in the Garage, Laundry / Utility Rooms, Splash Rooms, Closets and in offices.
FLOW WALL is available from some select dealers and directly from the manufacturer. We offer the FLOW WALL Dealer Sample pack to anyone that wants to touch and feel FLOW WALL before purchase. This pack includes 12 inch swatches of all FLOW WALL colors, samples of popular hooks and installation accessories. We also include a few brochures and planning guides.
The FLOW WALL currently includes 12 different, functionally specific hooks and accessories, shelves, bins, and cabinets. Our mad scientists are always designing new items so check back often. To be notified of new FLOW WALL components, please quick register on our website
Yes -­ all installation accessories are included with our Flow Wall™ panels and cabinetry for a proper installation. Tools: drill, level, tape measure, and a stud finder.
Yes ­- the installation process is the same. It could be a better and less expensive option compared to using drywall for Flow Wall™ or simply using Flow Wall™ on bare studs.
The Flow Wall™ panel is ¾” thick.
Absolutely – that is why Flow Wall™ works so great! All accessories, including cabinetry, can be moved and rearranged to fit and fill your storage needs. You’re never locked into any single configuration making Flow Wall™ one of the most versatile, durable and most affordable storage solutions.