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Flow Wall Reviews

I could not be happier with the entire Flow Wall® system. I placed it all over my workshop and even in multiple rooms. The versatility and quality of all the cabinets and accessories make my overwhelming need for organization easy to accomplish.

— Chip Wade, TV Host/Craftsman/Designer

“The Best Garage System”

“This is by far the best garage system I’ve ever had. The quality is top notch. The snap in wall boards are fantastic, and they utilize all available space on walls and cabinets. The ease of cleaning is wonderful since my unit is white with black base. I’ve recommended this system to all that have seen it.”

- Bentley

“This Went Up Like a Charm”

“If this amateur can put this up all by himself, anyone can. I followed the YouTube video and this went up like a charm. I love the system's ease in installation and versatility of uses combined with the quality workmanship for the price. You can bet I will be buying more!”

- David

“Looks Fantastic in My Garage”

“This is an amazing system. Hats off to Flow Wall for creating such a beautifully-designed & functional product. It was delivered when promised & contained all the right pieces. In addition, it was easy to put together & install thanks to the well thought-out instructions. But the best part is that it looks fantastic in my garage.”

- John

“They Provided 3D Conceptual Drawings”

“Before I started the project I took measurements and sketched my thoughts of how I wanted the design to work. I submitted to Flow Wall and they provided 3D conceptual drawings. They turned my design around in less than a week. The product shipped on time and was nicely organized. My friends and neighbors think it looks great and I now have a MAN CAVE!”

- Tim L.

“We Had the Entire Thing Up in Under an Hour”

“My wife and I had been shopping for garage organization products for what seemed like a long time, and we decided on Flow Wall after seeing our neighbor’s work of art. We ordered 2 6x4 ft. Flow Wall kit to cover the sides of our two car garage. The installation was simple and straight forward. With the instructional video, and my neighbor's help, we had the entire thing up in under an hour! On top of that, the design made it look like professionals had installed it with no screws showing and the trim to cover the edges. I have no doubt that we will be buying more Flow Wall attachments.

- Vamoose77

“Excellent Material and Customer Service”

“Excellent material and customer service. After set up it was easy to install, looks great and very useable. Called today and ordered a second deluxe set for my garage and I am considering this product for my workplace. I would recommend this product and company.”

- Brian

“Easy to Install, Even I Didn’t Screw It Up!”

This panel system was so easy to install, even I didn't screw it up! From unpacking the box to completion took less than an hour. The first panel is the most time consuming to install, but from there it takes no time at all. I now have all of my yard tools up, organized and out of the way. I'm happy that I can find everything quickly, and better yet, my wife is happy that everything looks nice.

- Davis

“Directions are Straightforward and Easy to Understand”

Directions are straightforward and easy to understand; all required hardware easy to identify and fit together as expected. I see more purchases of this product in my not-too-distant future.

- David