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What kind of organizer are you? [Quiz]

What kind of organizer are you? [Quiz]
By Flow Wall
December 16, 2015

What kind of organizer are you? Organization is not always easy. While some people seem to do it so effortlessly, others struggle to make sense of the chaos. Whether you alphabetize your movie collection, or can't ever seem to remember where you put your keys, we could all use some help. Maybe you feel like an organization guru, or you might feel like you are organized even if it looks like a mess to everyone else. Have you ever wondered how your organization skills stack up against others? Well, the quiz below won't help you organize your Uncle Hank's old accordion collection he graciously left to you, but it will tell you what kind of organizer you are (and maybe provide some bragging rights). Check it out!

If you took the quiz and realized you could use some help getting organized, let Flow Wall help. Our innovative organization solutions can be used anywhere you need to be organized. If you don't know where to get started, check out our Planning Tool.