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Transform your attic into a boutique closet

By Flow Wall
April 24, 2014

If you have outgrown the closets in your bedroom, bathroom and hallway, it might be time to expand your horizons. Specifically, aim higher! You can transform your attic into a boutique master closet or storage room that has style, character and functionality. Here are a few tips on how to design a great attic closet:

Open shelving works wonders

For tight spaces, consider installing open shelves that can make the room look larger and keep everything within reach. Cabinet doors can swing out and take up room, but cleverly placed decor cubes can offer storage without taking up too much room.

Built-ins are your best friend

Some attics have sloped or angled ceilings, which can make finding the right furniture a little tricky. Opt for wall-mount storage systems that can be adjusted to whatever height you need. You can select decor shelves for smaller items you might want to display, like perfume bottles or designer shoes, and wall cabinets for things like clothes and accessories that can be hidden behind closed doors.

A skylight can enhance your closet space

If your attic has a sloped ceiling, think about having a professional roofer or carpenter design a skylight. No matter how large or small the window is, including it in your closet will add a dramatic effect. The natural light will help make the space feel more like an extension of the rest of the house. Don't forget, however, that a window can affect temperatures, so you may have to outfit the room with heating and cooling systems.

Appreciate architectural elements

Your attic closet won't be like any other closet in your home, so embrace the elements in the room like angles and lower ceilings. You can get even more creative with storage systems in a space that isn't cookie-cutter. Rather than the usual dresser or hutch to hold your clothes or other items, opt for wall-mount storage that keeps things off the floor and out of the way. You can install wall panels on sloped walls that might otherwise be too short for an armoire.

Don't forget the door

Be sure to check out the wall with the door to your attic. You may be able to use it for even more storage or displays. You can panel it with mirrors so you have a functional dressing space - it may have more potential than you think.

Use attractive storage accessories

Treat your attic closet the same way you do the rest of the house by accessorizing it to create a personal, unique space. Use quality decorative bins to hold all your things - you can leave them in plain sight or stack them inside cabinets for attractive organization options.