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Tips for Packing and Storing Your Winter Items

By Flow Wall
January 27, 2017

When the seasons change and the cold weather of winter turns warmer, it's time to start thinking about how and where to store the decorations, tools, and toys you only use in winter. Garage organization solutions are important when you want to create a nice, streamlined space that looks crisp and clean. Here are 3 tips to help you get winter items cleaned up, organized, and stored away in preparation for warmer months ahead.

Panels and Hooks

Panels are the perfect solution to almost any garage organizational need you may have. They can act as a base to build a storage system, or even be used to attach bins, hooks, and other organizational tools to the wall. With the help of heavy duty hooks, you can easily hang sleds, skis, and snow shovels. You can even suspend containers holding ice melt to keep everything within reach during the winter season, and safely stored away until they're needed again.

Shelves and Cabinets

There is no better way to organize your garage than with the help of shelves and cabinets. Shelving systems offer an excellent solution for keeping items off the ground when not in use. You can use them to store Christmas decorations, outdoor lights, and even winter toys and equipment to keep them safe and protected from auto and foot traffic, rodents, bugs, and anything else that might make its way into your garage. Cabinets are a simple way to keep items you're storing out of sight. Perhaps you have outdoor holiday decorations you'd like to store in a not-so-visible location—cabinets are the perfect place to store them while maintaining a clean, clutter-free look in your garage. Snowboards, ski accessories, and so much more can easily be stored within cabinets to protect them during the offseason.

Storage Bins

Storage bins are perfect for storing items large and small that you'd like to keep together in one place. Think snow gear, decorations, and anything else that may consist of several pieces that go together. Large plastic storage bins are great for keeping larger items, or larger sets of items, cleaned up and out of sight, while smaller bins attached to paneling on the walls are good to hold smaller items you'd like quick and easy access to.

Start Organizing Your Garage Today

Garage organization is essential to maintaining a space you enjoy, where you can find things when you need them. Winter garage organization is essential to prevent you from losing items in the off season. Make a plan, decide what works for you, and start organizing your garage and winter items today.