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Tips for Making Your Garage A Multi-Purpose Space

By Flow Wall
October 12, 2017

What do you see when you open your garage door? Do you see a neatly organized space safely housing the vehicle that you spent thousands of dollars on? Do you see a workspace with strategically placed tools? Perhaps you see a storage system that's effectively holding all of your seasonal belongings. If you're like one in four Americans, however, chances are you'll open your garage door to find a large space overflowing with clutter, disorganization, and chaos. And while you're probably not proud of this faulty space, the idea of cleaning it out, organizing it, and making it a functional area seems like an unconquerable feat. Here's a list of helpful tips you can use not only to make your garage useable again, but to transform it into a multi-purpose space that caters to the various wants and needs of your lifestyle.

Step 1: Clean and declutter

Trust us when we say this is the worst part of getting your garage back to a functional space. However loathsome it may be though, it's a necessary evil if you wish to ever see the back walls of your garage again. Consider rounding up family members or persuading friends and neighbors with pizza and refreshments in return for their assistance. Pull everything out of your garage and separate into four piles: keep, donate, giveaway, and relocate. Once everything is out, clean the floors, walls, and items you'll be returning to the garage.

Step 2: Make a plan

Determine how you want to best utilize your space and what tools and equipment you'll need to make that vision come to life. Do you want to make a garage gym or workout space? Would you use a garage workshop complete with a bike work stand, potting table, and tool storage? Do you want to leave room to fit a car or two? After deciding how you'll use your garage, it's time to make a storage plan: pick and choose the equipment you'll need to make your garage as multi-functional as possible. With a garage storage and organization system that includes panels, cabinets, shelves, bins, hooks, and other applicable accessories, you have the freedom to design a customizable storage solution that can be adjusted to meet your ever-changing needs. Furthermore, with colors like platinum carbon, red carbon, maple, espresso, and more, you can choose quality products that don't just serve a valuable purpose, but also give your space a timeless, clean look.

Step 3: Install your Organizational System

In just two hours, and with just three tools, you can have your Flow Wall system installed and ready for action. This means you can have your garage completely transformed from a clutter-pit into a functional space in just one day. After following the Installation Guide, go back to your “Keep” pile from Step 1 and designate a place for all of your belongings to go. After you've replaced your things, you can start making use of the leftover space. Consider the following inspirational ideas for a multi-purpose garage:

  • Entertainment center: Add a TV, stereo system, dry bar, ping-pong table, etc. for instant garage fun.
  • Gym: Free weights, treadmill, stationary bike, yoga mat—these are all things that can be easily implemented into your garage to make for an easy place to get your heartrate up.
  • Workshop: Whether you're an avid fixer-upper or are interested in starting a hobby like woodworking, the garage is a perfect place to set up shop without worrying about ruining the carpet or making a mess indoors.
  • Unique dining: Flip the switch entirely and transform your garage into a unique dining space with comfy seating, an expansive table, fun cabinetry, and more!