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Tips for reclaiming your garage space

By Flow Wall
July 31, 2014

Looking at your garage right now, you might not be able to imagine fitting your car inside. Between your landscaping supplies, painting tools, bikes, etc., the space could be feeling a bit cluttered. If you park on your driveway to avoid the mess, then you're really in trouble. Fortunately, you can reclaim your garage for your vehicles with less effort than you'd think - now that's some good news! Garage organization systems are your ticket to going from piles of stuff to a neat and clutter-free environment. Here's how to transition your space with ease:

Assess your mess

Whenever you organize anything, you should start by looking at the objects you own. Go through your garage and see which items you have. You may find that you have more than you'll ever use. Start sorting your belongings into three groups: keep, donate and throw away. You'll hang onto the items you use regularly. Anything you haven't used in the last year does not belong in this pile. Instead, either give it away, sell it during a garage sale or toss it. The condition of your belongings will determine whether they'll go in the trash.

Create a storage plan

Because you need the bulk of the horizontal space in your garage for your cars, your best bet is to store your belongings vertically. You can do that using Flow Wall's wall mount storage devices, which will keep your items off the floor. All the pieces, be they shelves, cabinets or hooks, lock into a panel that hangs from your wall. You can configure the panels and components any way you want, but you'll get the most out of your space if you design the system to fit your garage's layout.

When you work with Flow Wall, you'll get a computer rendering of your garage that displays the most strategic design for your garage storage system. It will show you where panels can be mounted on your walls and give you ideas of how to hang various components. By designing your storage with a plan, you'll ensure you get the most organizational benefits for the space you have.

Designate organizational zones

Because you have numerous types of objects in your garage, you'll want to separate them based on category. Doing so keeps your belongings neat, organized and easy to find. For instance, you can devote one panel to all of your outdoor sports gear and another to your tool sets. How you design your storage zones will depend on your lifestyle.