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Tips for designing a kid zone in your garage

By Flow Wall
August 19, 2014

Your garage is the ultimate storage space because it has enough room to hold your belongings. Of course, an organized garage is better than a cluttered one. For that reason, you may want to divide the wall space up into zones. When you do so, don't forget about your kids! All their skateboards, sports equipment and craft tools deserve a spot in your garage. In fact, why not set aside an area just for them? As you plan your garage storage system, use these tips for creating a cool and accessible kid zone:

Know their needs

Before you choose wall storage components for the children's area in your garage, you need to know what you'll store. Take inventory of all the items your kids will keep in the garage, be it bicycles, pinewood derby car-making kits or hockey gear. The type of belongings you have to store will determine the tools you'll need.

For instance, hockey sticks will store nicely in a tall wall cabinet, like this one from Flow Wall. Bikes, on the other hand, will stay organized and out of the way if you hang them on a hook.

Set up a kids-only workbench

Your kids will love having their own getaway in the garage, especially if the area is reserved for their creative endeavors. You can store all their crafting goods and outdoor toys in the Complete Workstation from Flow Wall. With a counter space and plenty of cabinets and drawers, the workstation can neatly store your kids' belongings. Once you've installed the workstation, your children will love spending time in their space. Be sure to reserve this particular wall storage component for your kids' items - you'll have the rest of the garage for yours.

Label everything

Most kids have to be taught how to stay organized. While Flow Walls storage solutions give you the means to tidy up their space in your garage, you can help them learn to put things away with a few strategies. Consider labeling each compartment of the kids' area so they know exactly where their belongings are stored. For instance, the hook you use to hang their bike helmets can carry the label "helmets." The drawer with all their paints should say "paint." Encourage your kids to put their items in the rightful spot after playtime is over.

Decorate their space

Garages can look a little dim, so why not brighten yours? Consider decorating your storage components with removable wallpaper or wall decals - these decorations will peel right off without damaging your cabinets. Let the kids choose images and colors they like and arrange them on their designated wall storage set. That way, your children will feel a sense of ownership for their space. Of course, the cabinets you choose can make your garage feel more lively. For example, the maple cabinet sets have the warm look of wood.

Choose a spot

Consider setting up your kids' space near the door that leads into your house. That way, your children will play away from your cars. Of course, if they have a lot of sports equipment, you might set up the workstation by the garage's large opening. Your kids can slip out and be right by their basketball hoop.