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Stay Clean and Organized with These Laundry Room Hacks

By Flow Wall
June 15, 2017

Laundry can feel like a never-ending chore when your laundry room is small, disorganized, or simply drab. Fortunately, with a few easy fixes, your laundry room can transform into a functional and fashionable space. Use these simple laundry room hacks to improve your space and take control of laundry day.

1. Get Your Baskets Off the Floor

A row (or pile) of random baskets on the floor makes a room feel cluttered and disorganized. Not to mention the back pain from bending over to lift up heavy baskets over and over again throughout the week. Get your baskets (or clothes) off the floor to save your back and organize your laundry room. There are several ways you can get your clothes off the floor. If you have a lot of space, jumbo cabinets can hold baskets and offer privacy with closed doors. Hanging bins provide easy access and extra floor space. For added organization, label each basket according to color or person (depending on your system) to make sorting a breeze!

2. Use Hanging Shelves or Hooks to Create Visual Space

Stuck with a laundry room that lacks storage space? Hanging shelves will give you the storage space you need with an open, spacious feel. When paired with a panel backing, you can even customize the placement depending on your current laundry needs. Hang anything from a lint bucket to your favorite stain removal spray to save space. You can hang smaller clothing items to dry. If you're short on storage space, place two hooks close together and hang your ironing board right on the wall. If you have small children, make sure any cleaning chemical or detergent on open shelving is placed well above their reach.

3. Install a Folding Station

Do you ever throw your clean clothes into a basket because there's nowhere to fold in your laundry room? Do you end up just picking outfits from the laundry basket for the rest of the week despite your best intentions? Simplify your laundry routine with a folding station in the room. If you have front-loading machines, you could consider installing a work surface right over the machines. You can also install a countertop and shelving in closets or on top of lower cabinets.

4. Display a Laundry Guide

This laundry room idea won't save you space, but it might just save your favorite shirt (and maybe your sanity). Print out a laundry guide and hang it near your washer and dryer so you never have to blindly decipher a tag or label again. Even if you're a laundry symbol master, a guide can help less experienced individuals in your home navigate the system as well.

5. Use a Rod to Hang Your Wrinkle-Prone Clothes

Tired of wrinkles and creases in your favorite clothes? Install a rod between your cabinets and shelves or above your folding station. Hang your clothes up as you pull them out of the washer or dryer, depending on the garment. If you want to hang your clothes, but you prefer more privacy, a tall cabinet is a great solution that offers ample storage space as well.

6. Use Drink Dispensers for Liquids and Candy Jars for Powder/Pods

Stop fumbling around with awkwardly shaped, unattractive detergent containers. Clear drink dispensers add an air of sophistication while actually making it easier to use your detergent and see when you're running out. Get a dispenser for both your detergent and your fabric softener and clearly label them. Make sure the model you choose can process thicker liquid. Store the dispensers on shelves above the washer for easy access. Prefer powder detergents or pods? Glass penny candy jars are a simple, stylish option. Don't forget to keep the jars high enough that children can't reach them. They may mistake colorful pods for candy.