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Sports Equipment Storage: How To Organize Like a Pro

Sports Equipment Storage: How To Organize Like a Pro
By Flow Wall
July 20, 2017

Are you a tried-and-true sports nut with more sporting equipment than you know what to do with? Are you a parent of several go-getter kids and thus find yourself constantly wading through seas of smelly sports gear just to find your daughter's lacrosse stick? Perhaps there is no real reason behind why you have so much sporting accoutrements, you just do. Whatever your excuse may be for being the dignified owner of such sporting good abundance, it is not our place to judge. It is our place, however, to offer you achievable solutions that will help you store your sporting gear like Floyd Mayweather stores exotic cars: with care, class, and convenience. In this article you'll find several helpful tips and takeaways so that you can reach new heights of sports equipment storage, spend less time rummaging around for the gear you need, and get back to slaying the course, owning the field, rocking the court, and doing whatever else it is you do with all of your prized sporting possessions.

Install Moveable Wall Storage for Sports Equipment

Whether you're keeping your sporting gear in your garage, in your basement, or in a storage shed, installing a movable wall storage system will completely change your world. With a interchangeable system you don't have to worry about keeping all of your gear out year round. Instead, you can customize the storage racks, hooks, baskets, bins, and shelves to best accommodate whichever sports season you might be in. Is it ski season? No problem! Simply install hooks to help hang your snowboards and skis. Pop in a basket for boots and helmets, and use a few shelves to keep your ski bags off the ground. Is summer in the air? Switch up your configuration by installing a tall cabinet for golf clubs, a storage bin or container for various ball sports, a shelf for cleats, hiking boots, and sandals, and throw in some hooks to hold wet towels, life jackets, etc.

The takeaway: Interchangeable storage systems let you make the most versatile use out of a single space while also giving you easy accessibility and prime customization.

Make Unconventional Use of Conventional Items

Looking for quick solutions to common problems like having muddy cleats or hiking boots track all over your garage, or not being able to keep all of your sporting balls in one organized location? Consider using conventional items you have laying around your house to put an end to these nagging issues. Here are some ideas to help get you started:

  • An old laundry bag is perfect for gathering loose balls. Not only can it be hung from the hooks on your moveable storage wall, but if you use a mesh bag that you can see through, you can easily grab whichever ball you need on your way out the door.
  • No one uses shower caps anymore, right? Wrong! You do for your muddy shoes. Consider keeping a stash of durable shower caps both in your car and near the entrance of your garage or wherever you're storing sporting equipment. Simply slide those dirty devils into a shower cap and forget that mud was ever something you had to worry about.
  • Duffel bags are a great storage option for organizing odds and ends of sports gear. Not only can you quickly grab the bag on your way out the door, but you can also make sure to keep all of your equipment safe from the elements or any other damage that might cause them harm.

The takeaway: By using items you already have lying around your house to aid in the storage and organization process, you can supplement your garage organization system with economically-friendly fixes that will leave your sporting gear stored in a safe, functional manner.