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Simply Organize Your Holiday Decor

By Flow Wall
September 29, 2016

Halloween candy is already out in stores which means that holiday decorating is just around the corner. Nothing puts a damper on that holiday spirit like untangling light strands and cleaning up broken bulbs. Avoid the stress of digging through messy holiday decorations next year with these tips on how to organize decor as you place it into storage this year.

1. Lights

Lights can often be stored away with missing or broken bulbs and after being jumbled from shelf to shelf, end up in knots.

  • Label the plug of your strands with the types of bulbs it uses and where it was purchased for easy maintenance reference.
  • Test each strand of lights before storing to address any burned out lights, make any necessary repairs, and toss out old strands that cannot be fixed.
  • Keep any extra fuses or bulbs stored together in a makeshift repair kit.
  • For small space storage, loop lights and hold them together by wrapping the loose ends around the loops and store each strand in its own plastic storage baggy.
  • For large storage, wrap strands around tin cans or sheets of cardboard to keep them from twisting together.
  • Keep a list somewhere accessible all year long noting what colors of lights you have, how many strands of each, and how long each is. This way, come holiday sale time, you'll know what you already have and what you need to stock up on.

2. Wrapping Paper & Supplies

Wrapping paper tubes are such an awkward shape and finding a proper way to store them proves to be difficult.

  • Create a pegboard gift wrapping station equipped with clips and hooks to hold all supplies which can then be easily slid under beds or into narrow spaces for storage.
  • Organize all wrapping, cutting, and taping supplies into labeled bins or cabinets that can easily be stored in the garage on your storage system.
  • Instead of tossing old scraps of wrapping paper, run it through the shredder and use the fluff for packing more delicate holiday items.

3. Ornaments

Ornaments, especially those with unusual shapes, may not fit back in their original boxes well and can be hard to safely store.

  • Use folded tissue paper to safeguard fragile bulbs by wrapping them with padding.
  • Keep bulbs from rolling around and causing damage by packing them into cardboard separators like what is used in wine boxes.
  • Simply lining your storage box with plastic cups filled with wrapping paper shreds for support will also help prevent ornament damage.

4. Tablecloths & Tree Skirts

Thanksgiving tablecloths and Christmas tree skirts often come out of their box or drawer wrinkled and with holidays approaching, there is too little time for ironing.

  • Drape all tablecloths, cloth napkins, tree skirts, and cloth placemats on skirt hangers and store away to avoid the ironing board. 

When putting away holiday decorations for the season, don't clutter your garage with boxes or loose items. Make decoration organization simple by storing totes neatly in or on cabinets and shelves which can be hung anywhere along the storage panels you have installed in your garage. And remember, always place the next upcoming holiday box towards the front so you don't have to go digging!