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Rocking storage options for a garage band

By Flow Wall
July 28, 2014

Though your garage was designed to house your vehicles, the space can be incredibly versatile. You probably store seasonal decor, gardening supplies and sports equipment in your garage in order to free up room inside your home. Of course, a garage can also act as a hangout room. If you or your child play in a band, you need a spot to rehearse. Why not live up to the garage band name and practice in the garage? You can use a few storage techniques and tips to put away instruments and sheet music when the amps are turned off. Check out these tricks to transforming your garage storage into the perfect setup for the band:

Keep it against the walls

Floor space is precious. It's where you'll set up a drum kit or place seating for spectators. You want to avoid clutter in your garage (or anywhere else for that matter), and hanging your instruments on the wall is a great way to do so. Flow Wall's storage products all mount on your garage walls so that your floors stay clutter-free. In fact, you can even customize the setup of your Flow Wall cabinets, hooks and shelves to fit into your unique space.

Use the right product for your items

Depending on what equipment you need to store, you'll have to use a certain storage tool. Here are some garage organization ideas based on your band's equipment:

Instruments: String instruments stay in tune better when they stand upright than when they lay on their sides. For this reason, you may want to consider hanging your guitar and bass on wall hooks. The Big Mouth Utility Hook from Flow Wall is sure to securely hold your guitar. It's designed to carry a heavy load, so you can rest easy knowing your instruments will stay in place. The hook snaps into the wall panel, allowing you to decide where exactly to hang your guitar.

Amps: Your amps are crucial for rocking out, but they can be bulky. Don't leave this expensive equipment on your garage floor - store it in a cabinet. Flow Wall's cabinets come in numerous shapes and sizes, allowing you to create a configuration that suits your needs. Consider using the Jumbo Cabinet Storage Center to organize your garage band's amps. They're big and sturdy enough to house your gear.

Cords: The proper way to store cords so they don't wear out is to coil and hang them. Cables should be wrapped using the over-under technique. Basically, you alternate the direction of your loops as you wrap the cord. When you unwrap the cable, it won't have any twists. Once your cords are correctly coiled, hang them on Flow Wall's Long Hooks. These products feature an extended hook that's wide enough for your band's cables.

Music stands: If your band uses sheet music, you probably have stands upon which to set it - you can't very well rock out with one hand holding a piece of paper! The tall height of the music stands makes them awkward to store, but a Flow Wall cabinet will fix that. Placing music stands inside a cabinet will keep them secure and out of sight until you need to rehearse again.