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Quick Tips for Storing Sports Gear in Your Garage

By Flow Wall
March 15, 2018

If your garage acts as more of a sports locker than a carport, chances are you could improve your storage system. Check out these quick tips for inspiration on sports equipment garage storage solutions. Take a minute to step back and observe the state of your garage. Is it neatly organized with designated storage areas, workspaces, and ample room for parking? Or is it cluttered to the brim with so many odds, ends, and overflow belongings that the thought of ever fitting in a vehicle seems comical? If you're like other sports lovers, chances are your situation relates closer to the latter. For active families with children who participate in sports year-round, the garage can feel more like a gym locker than a functional, multi-purpose area of your home. With the tips provided in this article, you can discover creative ways to store sports gear in a manner that facilitates ease, accessibility, and practicality.

Hangers Help Prevent Hoarding 

Sports like hockey, which seem to last a majority of the year, require so much gear that it's easy to find yourself in a cluttered den of skates, pads, and sticks. With garage hanging storage, like hanging hooks, you can create a unique space to hang sticks, helmets, skates, gear bags, and more. Not only does this prevent valuable equipment from being run over with the car or buried by other belongings, but it also helps to designate sport-specific areas where you can easily access and organize your gear.

Cabinets Create Space

Installing storage cabinets with doors in your garage can be monumentally beneficial when it comes to storing sports gear and staying organized. While cabinets are helpful for keeping various equipment odds and ends out of direct eyesight, they are also ideal for hanging jerseys, pants, breezers, and jackets. Instead of cramming these easily-wrinkled items into a gear bag, hanging them in a closet keeps them both wrinkle- and stink-free after being washed. Lastly, cabinets provide an off-the-ground space for sports equipment, which is one of the key factors in making space and creating organization in a garage.

Drawers Do Wonders

No sports equipment storage system is complete without a durable set of drawers in which you can neatly store things like hockey pucks, gloves, balls, tape, helmets, and any other gear that you use on a frequent basis. Along with aiding in organization and ease, drawers provide a safe place where equipment won't get scuffed or dinged. Furthermore, by having designated drawers for particular activities and sports, you won't have to worry about losing a single glove, or digging through a mountain of clutter to find a helmet. Instead, it will all be neatly stored in an easily-accessible drawer with similar items.

Plan Your Storage System

Before installing cabinets, hooks, and drawers into your garage, take some time to brainstorm different sports equipment storage ideas and come up with a plan that will help meet your needs. By developing a blueprint of what elements you want and where you'll place all of your equipment, you can better create a garage storage solution that's centered around organization, ease, and functionality. Start your storage plan by thinking about what sports you're most active in; gear for sports with shorter seasons, like soccer and lacrosse, for example, will need to be accessible for only a small period of time, while equipment for longer seasons like hockey, baseball, and football, should be in a central, easily-accessible area. Consider installing shelving units where you can store these less-commonly used items during the off-season but also have them readily available if needed. No matter your sport it's important to develop an organizational system that works for you. These tips will help you plan the perfect storage system, so you can focus on competing on the ice, court, or field.

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