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Planning your storage like a 'Tetris' pro

By Flow Wall
September 18, 2014

When you've finally installed your garage storage system, you get to hang hooks, bins, cabinets and shelves. The way you do so can allow your belongings to fit together harmoniously, cutting back on clutter. Of course, making sure all the pieces fit together seamlessly takes a little skill. If playing hours of "Tetris" didn't prepare you for garage storage installation, take a look at these tips for optimizing your space and fitting as many items as possible on your Flow Wall panel:

Plan ahead

If you have limited storage space, you don't want to squander it. Your best defense against wasting space is to plan. Make a list of all the belongings you want to keep in your garage, whether it's bicycles, tool sets or holiday decorations. Once you know the items that will live in your garage, you can decide where they'll go. Consider sketching out your garage wall and its storage panel, then draw bins, shelves and cabinets. Rearrange the various components until they seem to fit together well. You can draw and redraw much easier than moving items you've already stored.

Get the planning guide

In the same planning vein, make sure to pool your resource. We offer a garage storage planning guide to get you started. Make sure to download and utilize this resource, as it's full of tips for the best ways to lay out your storage components.

Organize by shape

Decide what items can be stored in boxes or bins, which should be hung up and if things need to be placed in a cabinet. This will give you a good idea of how many cabinets, hooks and shelves you'll need for your wall mount storage. For instance, if you mostly have rakes, ladders and tools, then you'll need mostly hooks.

Stick to square

As best as you can, try to keep your items in the form of a rectangle. Boxes stack better than balls, after all. Of course, using storage bins and other tools messes with that idea a bit. When you install components for your Flow Wall system, keep them in rows. You can fit more shelves, bins, cabinets, etc., on a single panel if they are installed neatly in rows.

Put away oddly shaped things

A few of your belongings may not seem to fit on your panel as nicely as the rest of it, and that's OK. In fact, that's what drawers, bins and cabinets are for. While you can hang camping chairs easily on the wall, consider storing coats inside the cabinet and placing soccer balls in a bin. That way, you'll maintain rectangular organization and neatly store those funny-shaped belongings.

Move it around

Want your power tools to fit together perfectly? You probably won't accomplish your goal if you hang them right side up. Don't be afraid to turn your power drill on it's head so it fits next to the hammer better. You'll have to experiment here, but getting your items close together by laying them out in abnormal ways can work - it's like moving pieces around in "Tetris."