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Must Know Garage Storage Tips: What To Store In Your Garage And What Not To

Must Know Garage Storage Tips: What To Store In Your Garage And What Not To
By Flow Wall
September 13, 2018

While your garage is a great place to park your car, it's also one of the best places for added storage. But not everything should be stored in the garage, and having garage storage solutions in place can help you maximize the space. Use these garage storage tips to create the best garage space for your needs and to learn what to store in your garage.


You don't want your garage storage to turn into a mess of clutter. Make sure you are focused on keeping the things you need and storing them in an organized manner instead of throwing them into an unorganized pile of stuff. Before you start organizing your garage storage, use this opportunity to clean out and get rid of old and unnecessary items so they are not taking up precious storage space. You want to create the ultimate storage room and still have a place to park your car.


Some storage items can't stay in the garage for a very important reason: pests. Storing food or drinks in the garage will only invite mice, bugs, and other unwanted pests to feast on your food storage. It's also not a good idea to improperly store things like clothes and blankets because they can become a nesting ground for your uninvited guests.

Temperature and Humidity

Fluctuating temperatures and possible moisture in the garage can ruin certain storage items. For example, wooden furniture can expand and contract as the garage heats up in summer and cools down during winter. Moisture can ruin important documents or other irreplaceable items. Pictures can get stuck together in the extreme heat or lose their coloring. It is also a bad idea to use cardboard boxes to store things as they are weak and easily damaged by the temperature and moisture.

Garage Storage Solutions

Now that you know what not to do when it comes to garage storage, let's talk about what you should do. It is essential to have the right storage materials to properly organize your garage storage items. Slatwall shelves and wall hooks are perfect for keeping storage containers and other items off the floor to not only clear a walkway and parking space, but also protect them from possible water damage. If you have the space, an entire garage storage and organization system on the wall can improve your storage situation. A storage system on the wall provides shelves, counters, cabinets, and wall hooks creating effective and efficient storage space. Garages are perfect for storing sports and outdoor items, tools, overflow household items like paper towels, and many other things. Organize your things in a way that makes them easily accessible but not in the way. Now that you know what to store in your garage, you can begin planning how to best use your new storage space. These garage storage tips and tricks will help keep your garage uncluttered and pest-free. Keep it clean and organized to make it space you can be proud of. Here are some more tips for garage storage solutions you can utilize to store your things like a pro.