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Makeover Your Garage with an Organizational Overhaul

By Flow Wall
July 8, 2016

The garage is an often underrated and overlooked space when it comes to organizing your home. It usually becomes the place where you put all of the things you take out of your house rather than the focus of your cleaning and decluttering efforts. This summer, take advantage of the warm weather with these six organization tips. Soon your garage will be able to live up to its full potential!

1. Divide & Conquer

If the growing piles in your garage seem daunting, the first step is to start sorting items into theme specific piles: sports equipment, holiday decorations, lawn equipment, auto care items, etc. As you sort, make sure you have piles for recycle, sell, trash and donate. Be brutally honest with yourself when deciding which items you actually use that are worth holding on to, and which you should let go.

2. Clean Up & Make Small Fixes

Once all of your items are sorted, take a look around your (now empty) garage. There may be shelves that need to be fixed, walls that need to be painted, and parts of the garage that need to be cleaned before the organizational process begins. Utilize this opportunity while everything is off the walls and out of drawers to really spruce up the space.

3. Plan Your Attack

Before you start putting things back, you need to come up with a plan of action. For example, it might make sense to have your lawn care items grouped in an accessible space close to the door you exit to do lawn work. It's probably better to group seasonal items in a more out-of-reach location. Create zones for similar items so that all your garden tools are in one location and all your automotive tools are grouped in another, and so on.

4. Ultimate Space Utilization

Whether it is empty space under the workbench or vertical space along the walls, make sure to take advantage of all the storage space you have in your garage. Utilizing overhead storage bins and shelving can remove a majority of items that aren't used as frequently, which will free up space from the ground up for your other storage zones and parking areas. The more space you have, the more potential to create your dream garage.

5. Storage & Organization Solutions

To properly organize your space, you need a solution that takes up minimal room and is completely versatile and adaptable to any unforeseen storage needs."By simply installing thin, grooved Flow Wall panels along your walls, you now have a complete storage solution that is capable of holding any item. With our array of storage components , you can store just about anything from garden hoses and socket wrenches to bicycles and baseball bats.

6. Add Some Personal Flare

Your garage doesn't have to be boring--make it an extension of your home and lifestyle by giving it some flare. Here are a few ideas:

  • Add your own unique touch by stenciling on your wall storage cabinets.
  • Install a small hydroponics garden to create an eco-friendly vibe.
  • Install a workbench that doubles as a food and drink serving cart for entertaining in your garage.
  • Install a shower area for clean up after dirty jobs or a washing station perfect for your pet.
  • Put up a coat rack near the door for coats and hats, as well as a sturdy tray for muddy boots.

Start sorting those piles and begin your garage makeover today to ensure your space is clean and well organized by the time winter comes along. Check out Flow Wall and discover how these units can transform the look of your garage and take organization to the next level.