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Invite the elements into your craft room design

By Flow Wall
March 18, 2014

One of the hottest trends in interior design this year is the addition of natural elements. Warm tones and organic materials can create a calming atmosphere no matter where you are in your home, even your craft room. If you are looking to create a functional space that is as efficient as it is beautiful, read on for some inspiration.

Modern maple

Maple is the perfect tone to set a comfortable mood in any room in your home, your craft room included. Include maple panels on your walls and incorporate their golden tones into the rest of your room's theme. Decor cubes in a light maple will showcase your favorite curios perfectly. Put a shell collection you may have from a vacation on display, or you can find other accent pieces in natural materials, like woven baskets or wooden figures. Coordinate all the accessories in your room to complete a natural makeover. Organize your things in decorative bins in subtle, soft tones like beige, olive and cream. Use the bins as decor on your shelving system or tuck them away in cabinets where they will keep everything you need within reach.

Warmer walls

One design theme that's gaining momentum is the use of natural tones and materials on walls. Rather than traditional, matte painted walls, more designers are incorporating materials like brick veneer (or sometimes brick if it's available), which adds a comfortable rustic feel. You can also explore the structure of your home to see if you can remodel it to expose old natural beams, which could look stunning in your craft room with a stain or beeswax.

Natural metals

In 2014 designers are moving toward warmer metal tones like brass and copper, and away from industrial stainless steel and metals like chrome, which can feel colder and more futuristic. Metals like iron are making a comeback, emphasizing a more timeless, traditional design. Try including bold brass hardware on the cabinet set in your craft area to create a cohesive look in your updated space.

Garden inspiration

You have many options for bringing live flowers and plants into your home that don't require a lot of attention. Potted plants like succulents and cacti can add a healthy pop of green displayed on a decor cube in your craft room, and a decorative vase of fresh flowers can instantly cheer you.

Let the sun shine in

Letting more natural light into your creative space is another great way to make it feel more comfortable. Daylight is a natural energizer and can make the colors in your room really pop. Install sheer window treatments to avoid blocking the light, or take the treatments off the windows to enjoy the view outside.