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Ideas for Utilizing Laundry Room Cabinets

Ideas for Utilizing Laundry Room Cabinets
By Flow Wall
October 27, 2021

What Should I Put In My Laundry Room Cabinets?

Laundry cabinet storage ideas are all about making the most of your laundry room space, so it helps to put a little thought into this seemingly simple question. You need to utilize all the available space to store what you need to do a load of laundry. For example:

Basic Washing Needs

  • Detergent
  • Fabric softener/dryer sheets
  • Stain remover

Wash and Dry Cycle Items

  • Fragrance enhancers
  • Gentle washing liquid (delicates)
  • Baby detergent
  • Optical brightener
  • Starch
  • Wrinkle reducer
  • Delicates bags
  • Lint brushes
  • Shoe rack

Other Laundry-Related Items

  • Iron
  • Ironing board
  • Hangers

Household Cleaning Supplies

Make this your one-stop cleaning shop (and save storage space elsewhere in your home) by also using laundry room storage cabinets for:

  • Brooms
  • Dustpans
  • Mops
  • Dusters
  • Cleaning supplies



Bulk Household Items

  • Toilet paper
  • Paper towels
  • Dishwashing liquid
  • Hand soap
  • Hand sanitizer

How Do I Organize My Laundry Room Cabinets?

One of the most refreshing things about a clean and organized laundry room is its efficiency. The adage, “a place for everything and everything in its place,” can save you time and give you peace of mind.

When finalizing your laundry room storage cabinets ideas, approach it with the eye of an archer. The door of the washer is your bullseye. In the concentric inner circle of your laundry room target, place your commonly used items like detergent and fabric softener on a shelf for easiest access.

In the next circle, the magpie, put your other washing and drying items like scent boosters, brighteners, and mesh bags—the items you might use on a wash or dry cycle, but not necessarily every time.

The outer circle of your laundry room target is the perfect place for your final laundry needs, such as wrinkle reducers, starch, irons, ironing boards, and folding boards.

This streamlined Flowwall setup has plenty of internal and overhead storage

Fill the Void

All that empty wall space in your laundry room can be put to good use! A 4-piece cabinet laundry set is ideal for making the most of your laundry room space. The starter wall makes for easy installation and customization of your cabinet layout and includes bins and shelves for easy access to the items you use most often.

Save more time and keep piles of dirty laundry off your floor by placing baskets in cabinets or on shelves. This way, dirty laundry can be pre-sorted. Add labels to make it easy for the entire family. Choose baskets that are sized to the load your washer and dryer can handle. When the basket is full, you know it’s time to do a load.

Add Under-Cabinet Lighting

Not everyone has laundry room space that can accommodate windows, but you can still dispel the darkness by adding under-cabinet lighting to your wall unit.

Sturdy bins are super helpful for keeping everything in it's place, plus they can be arranged any way you like

Why Choose PVC Laundry Room Cabinet Sets?

PVC cabinetry is quickly becoming popular, and for good reason. PVC laundry room cabinet sets are:

  • Less expensive than wood cabinetry.
  • Efficient and expandable.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Super durable.
  • Termite-resistant.
  • Waterproof.
  • Off the floor, making it easy to clean under, and allows for bin storage below cabinets.

Extra Laundry Room Cabinets Storage Ideas

Think beyond fill, wash, rinse, and spin. What are some other needs you and your household need? Perhaps:

  • A folding area to help get the clean laundry put away neatly.
  • A spare sock basket, so when its mate finally turns up, they can be reunited.
  • A collapsible or retractable drying rack for items that cannot go in the dryer.

This dynamic laundry setup has ample open storage to keep everything right where you need it

Storage with Style

You can make the laundry room a place you enjoy going to. Do laundry in luxury by:

  • Decorating in a soothing style like a beach scene or a country cottage.
  • Using matching storage containers.
  • Adding plants for a healthy environment.
  • Creating a sitting area where you can enjoy a cup of coffee while you wait for a cycle to finish.

Ease Your Mind with Organization

Clutter can add chaos, and no one needs more of that in their life. Check out the storage cabinets Flow Wall has to help make all of your household tasks go a little more smoothly. Take a look at the rest of our site for more laundry sets and other organizational ideas for different areas of your home, too!