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How to Winterize Your Garage Like a Pro

How to Winterize Your Garage Like a Pro
By Flow Wall
November 21, 2021

(Womp womp.) Fortunately, some of those tasks can be done at the beginning of the season and then you don’t have to worry about changing anything until spring. Take, for instance, winterizing your garage. Once the job is done, you can pat yourself on the back and start snacking on those ever-abundant holiday treats. In fact, you’re a real go-getter, so let’s tackle the job this weekend. Check out these seven tips to learn how to winterize your garage and keep your belongings safe from the elements.


1. Give Your Garage a Good Cleaning

Spring cleaning may get all the fame, but we’re here to tell you that winter cleaning is just as crucial to any self-respecting dude with a garage. This is the first step to weatherizing your garage, and there’s no getting around it. So pull out the broom, bucket, and sponges, because it’s time to clean those walls and floors to remove the inevitable dirt, dust, and whatever else may be lurking in the shadows.

2. Install Weatherstripping

After—and only after—you’ve cleaned the garage, you can move on to the true garage winterizing process. It’s time to inspect and install weatherstripping, which will keep your garage warmer and free of any spiders, mice, and other critters that might seek shelter during the colder months. Check your existing weatherstripping and replace any areas that may be cracked or broken. If it’s all looking pretty shabby, you’ll want to start completely fresh.

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3. Insulate Walls

Ready to level-up your winter garage setup? If so, you’re ready to bring out the big guns and insulate the walls. Fiberglass batt insulation is the ideal way to take your garage to the next level of protection from the elements. For best results, look for insulation that is equal to the thickness of your walls.

4. Buy a Space Heater

Chilly weather isn’t going to keep you from doing manly garage stuff, right? There are still woodworking projects to be built, oil to be changed, and other various man cave activities to be executed. Yet, a little added warmth sure would make the experience more comfortable. So go for it—buy that space heater and crank it up any time you’re hanging out in your garage this winter. They’re efficient, affordable, and easy to store away in the summer.

5. Upgrade Your Flooring

An epoxy-coated garage is an ultimate dream, but not every guy can justify the energy and expense required to make it happen. Fortunately, wintertime can add more fuel to the fire to finally live out those garage dreams. Why? Because most garage floor surfaces can become slippery, dangerous surfaces due to snow and melting ice, epoxy flooring will provide far greater traction to keep everyone safe.

6. Invest in New Garage Mats

Nobody wants salt, snow, ice, and mud tracking into their house, which is why new all-weather mats are an absolute must when it comes to garage winterizing. Place them at the entrance from your garage to the house and from the side yard to the garage to give your indoor flooring the best chance of survival through the winter. Then stop your kids, pets, and guests before they storm their way in the door. Ain’t nobody getting in without a serious boot wiping!

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7. Wrap Your Water Heater

Are you the proud owner of one of those old-school water heaters? You know, the kind that are warm to the touch and make funny sounds from time to time? If so, it’s time to give that baby a new winter look. Wrap yours in a water heater blanket to conserve energy and save on your utility bills. It’s an easy step that promotes a greener planet and puts money back in your wallet. Winterize Your Garage Today with Flow Wall Learning how to winterize a garage is easy with Flow Wall. Shop our wide selection of bins, hooks, wall panels, and more to get all of your winter gear ready for the new season. Your garage will be in such impressive shape, and we won’t blame you if you leave the garage door open “on accident” a time or two to show off your handiwork to the neighbors.