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15 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do With a Flow Wall Horizontal Bike Rack

15 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do With a Flow Wall Horizontal Bike Rack
By Flow Wall
July 16, 2015

Flow Wall has tons of useful products to help you organize your garage, but there is much more to Flow Wall than meets the eye. We know that you have many organizational and lifestyle needs that don't relate to your toolbox. And we often find that repurposing items can be the solution to a storage issue you haven't been able to solve for years. Not convinced? Here are a few creative uses for just one of Flow Wall's products that's not your typical garage bike hook, the horizontal bike rack. Does it fill a need in your life?

1. Bike Rack

Of course, the horizontal bike rack is perfect for single bike storage. Its steel hooks are fully welded and powder-coated to defend against rust and scratches for years to come. The rack holds up to 50 pounds and comes with convenient shelf space to store everything from a helmet to a bicycle tool kit.

2. Boardsports

If boardsports are your passion, this is the perfect storage tool to keep your surfboard, snowboard, kneeboard or wakeboard looking pristine. Use the shelf on the horizontal bike rack to store wax or ropes so you're always ready for the weekend.

3. Helmets and Hats

From construction to sun hats, this handy product can keep all of your headwear in one place. Never waste time looking for a hat again!

4. Hose

The strong hooks on this horizontal bike rack are perfect for wrapping a hose or rope for storage. Easily access your hose when you need it and then roll it up and out of the way when you don't.

5. Gardening Tools

When implementing garage storage solutions, use this rack to organize your gardening tools. Store pots and seeds on the shelf and hang tools, pails and even your hose handle on the hooks below.

6. Dishware

Backyard barbecues will be a breeze with your outdoor dishware close at hand. Keep plates and serving trays up top and hang mugs below. Or add a basket to the hooks to store plastic cups and utensils.

7. Grill Tools

Grilling isn't just a hobby, it's a lifestyle. Keep all your favorite gear organized with this horizontal rack. Spatulas, tongs and barbecue gloves can hang comfortably on the hooks while serving plates and spices sit up top.

8. Cleaning Products

Get harmful cleaning products out of your house and store them on the horizontal rack. Hang buckets, gloves and towels on the hooks and store bleach and soaps back on the rack. This product can go as high on your Flow Wall as needed to keep harmful products out of reach of children.

9. Skateboard

If the next Tony Hawk lives in your house, keep their skateboard supplies organized with this horizontal rack. The board can be securely stowed in the hooks and extra wheels and bearings stored on the convenient shelf. Minor maintenance can even be performed using the shelf as a work table.

10. Small Ladder

Vertical storage is the key when you're trying to declutter your garage. Get ladders and step stools off the floor and hang them safely on this rack instead.

11. Hula Hoops

This fun backyard toy can be difficult to store because of its size and shape. Make it easy with the horizontal rack's hooks, which contour perfectly for hoop storage.

12. Wrapping Paper

The holidays are a wonderful time of year, but the mess can be too much to handle. Keep your wrapping area organized with a rack perfectly designed to hold wrapping paper and supplies where Santa's little helpers can't reach.

13. Extra Shelf Space

This sturdy shelf on the horizontal bike rack is great for any garage storage racks. Use it as a permanent shelf, or take advantage of its easy-to-move feature to keep a handy storage area near you on any project.

14. Seasonal Clothing

The kids will never forget gloves again with this rack's handy hooks. Keep hats, gloves and scarves right by the door so that snowman building can commence without a fuss!

15. Coffee Set

If you like to have a cup of joe while you work, this storage rack makes it easy to create your own mini-coffee shop. Put your coffee maker on the shelf and hang cozy glasses from the corner hooks. Plus, get the added bonus of filling your garage or office with sweet smelling coffee every time you brew a cup! Flow Wall products aren't your typical one-trick pony. They offer convenience, variety and a sleek look that will never go out of style. Add this multi-purpose tool to your existing Flow Wall collection and see what need it satisfies for you! Have you found a unique use for a Flow Wall product? Share your story in the comments!