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Garage Storage Solutions For A New Home

By Flow Wall
August 23, 2018

Moving to a new home is a big and exciting adventure. it's not unlike turning a blank page and starting over. Of course, you want to keep it that way for as long as you can, but you have to move all of your things in which includes the clutter you forgot you were storing in the closet under the stairs. A new home gives you the chance to use new storing techniques to keep your home shiny and organized. Use these three home storage solutions to declutter and organize your home storage after a big move.

Choose Storage Space

Your storage closet probably used to be a bunch of random things thrown together on shelves or wherever they would fit, but it doesn't have to be random anymore. Choose how each storage space will be used and designate a spot for everything. Pick a linen closet, decide which wall in the garage will have garage storage shelves. Deciding where everything will go in the beginning will save you from throwing things in unorganized, random places as you unpack. There are many spaces in your home and garage that make for great storage spots and many that don't. Make sure you select and make use of the best ones.

The Right Materials

A big part of proper home organization and storage is the right storage materials. Slatwall shelving systems, Slatwall hanging bins and containers, wall hooks, and other storage systems are essential for organizing and decluttering your home. Without storage shelves and containers, you are just piling things up and asking for a mess. Storage shelves and containers organize your things and turn your clutter into attractive and clean spaces. Utilizing the right materials will also save storage space. Instead of turning your garage into a hoarder's storage room, use garage storage solutions to store things and still have room to park your car.

Clean Out, Again

When you were packing up, you probably threw out a lot of stuff that you didn't want or need in your new home. The great part about moving is it gives you a chance to rid yourself of forgotten things that have been lying in storage for years. Now that you are unpacking in your new home, you have one more chance to get rid of unnecessary things. Ask yourself one more time, "do I really need this?" If it is just going to sit in your newly organized storage bin and be forgotten, then you don't need it taking up space. You never know when you'll have time to sort through these items again, make sure you take full advantage of it. Unpacking after a big move can be difficult and cause some serious headaches if it's not done correctly. There are so many ways to organize and improve your home storage. Find which home storage solutions and garage storage solutions work best for you.