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Garage Remodel Trends for 2017

By Flow Wall
May 31, 2017

Maintaining your property is important, but part of being a good homeowner means improving it as well. Regular updates keep up the value of your home and the homes in your neighborhood, while also making life easier, more comfortable, and/or more efficient for you. But when people think about renovating a room in their house, most of the time they think about the kitchen or a bathroom. The garage is often forgotten. Maybe that's because a lot of us write the garage off as the place where old toys and out-of-season items are stored, where muddy shoes are kicked off and dirty tools are kept, where old appliances go to die - the list goes on. Maybe it's also because the garage feels like an overwhelming project to tackle, and since no one ever sees it, what's the point? But think about the benefits that an organized, more functional garage could bring—knowing exactly which tool is where, having space to park two cars in your two-car garage, and having holiday decorations and other seasonal items easily reachable. So if you're looking for ideas to whip this space into shape, here are a few of 2017's garage trends to get you started.

More Space

Prospective home buyers are looking for more garage space than they used to. What used to be a nice perk—a two-car garage—is now the base model. It's becoming more common for people to have separate cars for work and personal use, or for those living in snowy places to have different cars for summer and winter. It's no longer uncommon for licensed teenagers to have their own cars, and with college students living at home or just being home for the summers, the number of vehicles in a family really starts to add up. Lots of homeowner's associations have started restricting street and even driveway parking, making bigger garages a necessity. Adding on to your garage would be especially worthwhile if you're planning on moving anytime in the future because it's a relatively easy way to increase your home's market value.

Improved Organization

It's important to remember that a garage isn't just for parking vehicles—it also functions as a storage space for lawn equipment, tools, and seldom-used household items like out-of-season clothes or holiday decorations. And in order for your garage to function as both, being organized is a must. Luckily, because garage remodels are hot right now, there's a wide variety of garage storage systems to choose from. The first step is finding a garage organization system that works for you. If you need help planning your remodel, check out our Plan Your Flow Wall tool which lets you input your garage specifications and then recommends the best products for your particular space. One space-saving idea is to hang panel organizers on the walls. These panels have various attachments that fit on them—hooks, magnets, cabinets, shelves, and containers—allowing you to store just about any piece of equipment you have. Use the hooks to hang large items like rakes, chainsaws, ladders, or bikes. They're also super useful for keeping dangerous tools out of reach of kids! Garage storage cabinets are great for concealing small items like hammers, drills, painting supplies, and other tools that often end up cluttering the top of a workbench. Open bins are ideal for organizing odds and ends that come in large quantities, like nails or screws. You'll be amazed at how much bigger your garage will instantly feel after using some of these garage storage solutions.