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Garage organization for your at-home gym

By Flow Wall
September 30, 2014

When it comes to creating a workout space in your garage, filling it with fancy gym equipment can be tempting. While there's nothing wrong with making sure you have enough gear to meet your needs, a vital part of a setting up a home gym is making sure that you have adequate space to move. Creating an area that will function as an at-home gym while still working as an actual garage is one effective way to do this. Luckily, the right amount of garage organization and wall storage can make the process of transforming your space a whole lot easier.

Carving out a space for your home gym

Getting organized is the first step of setting up your workout area. Garage space is precious, and in order to fit both your equipment and your cars, you'll need to condense what you already have. Garage cabinets and wall storage systems are great ways to clear valuable square footage and allocate a specific area for your in-home gym. If you haven't already gone through your belongings and purged unnecessary or unused items, this is a great time to do so.

Setting up a garage storage system

Once you have enough wall space cleared, you can set up a similar system just for your workout equipment. Tall garage cabinets can store gear like workout mats, bumpers and free weights, while wall storage bins are great for things like ankle weights, resistance bands, towels and stopwatches. Setting up a few wall hooks will give you a place to hang a barbell, and wall mount storage will keep heavy items like kettlebells and speakers off the ground.

While treadmills and other big machines can be convenient to have, you can also instead opt for workout rings and a pull up bar, which hang from the ceiling and give you more workout versatility without compromising any of your valuable garage space.

Additional home gym equipment

At this point, everything in your garage should be organized into comprehensive wall storage systems and cleared off the ground, leaving ample space for parking and exercising. Optional items like clocks and a wall-mounted TV can be added to your workout zone. Should you decide you want to incorporate a squat rack or a bench, you will have ample room.

A little garage organization goes a long way when it comes to creating space for an at-home gym, and with the proper planning, ensures that you'll have room for both you car and your cardio.