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Garage flooring options

By Flow Wall
October 7, 2014

Organization is a key component of maintaining a beautiful garage, and you likely already have the wall mount storage system to prove it. If you're looking for the next step in garage decor, there are plenty of garage flooring options that can spice up your space.

Garage tiles

Garage tiles are made from pieces of PVC matting and require no additional seams or piping after they're laid down. Not only are they slip-resistant in all conditions, but they are also so durable that they often come with a lifetime guarantee. While porcelain tiles are also an option for your garage, they can be incredibly slippery when wet and require much more work to install. A great bonus to garage tiling? You can take it with you when you move.

Paint or epoxy coating

Paint is your most economical option when it comes to sprucing up your garage floor, while epoxy is the most durable and lasting. Take heed - both require a thorough preparation to guarantee your floor will look good for an extended period of time.

The floor in your garage should be crack- and damage-free before you paint, so begin by using a concrete patch product to fix minor damage. You can remove oil stains using a degreaser, while vacuuming will make sure that the floor is totally debris-free. Experts also recommend that you acid wash your floor before painting, which can be done using muriatic acid. Apply primer before the paint or epoxy, and vuala, your garage will be looking like a car showroom in no time!

Garage floor mats

Garage floor mats are similar to their tile sisters in the sense that they're easy to remove and take with you when you leave. Made of vinyl rubber, they're quite durable and usually have a life span of ten years. This is your best option if your floor is particularly cracked or damaged, and it only requires that you first clear your floor space (which should already be done if you have a good garage storage system).

You can easily cut your floor mats to perfectly fit your space, and they are quick to install. Many different patterns and colors are available, so this can be a particularly fun way to express yourself.

Concrete overlays

If you like a more industrial look, you can opt for a concrete overlay in the form of stamped concrete or acid-stained concrete. Both of these options should be done by professionals, however, as they are a bit more advanced than other garage floor options.


The possibilities are almost endless when it comes to renovating your floor. Simple additions like micro-toppings and acrylic sealers can be done in less than an hour by yourself, while larger-scale projects like stone and concrete pavers can completely convert the space. The sky is the limit - just be sure to double check that whatever you choose is safe to park, work out or walk on before you get started, depending on what you'll be using your space for.