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Garage Bike Storage: Tips For Creating Convenient Storage Space

By Flow Wall
August 2, 2018

Anyone who remembers getting their first bike, or even adding another one to the collection, knows that garage bike storage can be tough to figure out. You have one or more big pieces of equipment and a limited amount of space. You also want your bike to be readily accessible, so you can just grab it and go when it's time to ride. So how do you store your bikes? Here are a few bike storage systems for the garage that can help you stow it and go whenever you want.

Plan It

Before you get to work on your garage bike rack, you'll want to have a plan in mind. Measure your garage space and your bike to ensure it will fit where you want it to go. Think about what placement and positioning makes the most sense. Easy storage and retrieval should be at the top of your mind in this planning phase. While you're planning, you'll probably want to think about what kind of storage you want for your bike. There are quite a few options available to you.

Hang It

If you want to keep your bike up and out of the way, hanging your bike rack is a good way to go. You can put hooks in the ceiling if you can reach up high, or you can get a couple of slatwall panels to hang your bike high on your garage wall. You'll want to get some high-quality slatwall hooks that can handle the weight of your bike.

Mount It

Hanging your bike isn't your only choice. If you have the space lower down and you like to show off your stuff, try a bike wall mount. Use strategically placed hooks or specialized mountings to place your bike in the perfect spot on your garage wall panels. That way, your bike is easier to grab and mount up when you're coming and going.

Accessorize It

When you ride, your bike isn't the only thing you need to store. Place some storage bins near your bike wall mount for your helmets, gloves, tools and other bike accessories. With bins, you can stay organized and quickly hit the road or trail whenever the feeling grabs you. Garage bike storage is no small task, but hopefully these tips make it just a bit easier. Whether you hang your bike or mount it, make sure to plan it out with adequate space for your bike accessories, and to get the best quality storage solutions you can. If you like to do more than just bike, read some of our tips for storing other sports gear.