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How Flow Wall Saved the Day on America's Most Desperate Landscape Episode

How Flow Wall Saved the Day on America's Most Desperate Landscape Episode
By Flow Wall
June 21, 2017

We've all been there: that moment when you step into your backyard and are reminded, for the umpteenth time, that it's a disaster. Whether you're overwhelmed with a sea of fallen leaves, dead branches, and overgrown grass, or have a much bigger beast to confront like rotting trees, demolished decking, or dangerous backyard amenities, you've probably wished for a magical landscaping fairy to sweep in, snap fingers, whisper spells and poof! There before you stands your dream yard.

The Real-Life Landscaping Fairy

In 2007, carpenter Jason Cameron turned his love for home improvement, landscape design, and creative housing solutions into a career as a licensed contractor and up-and-coming DIY Network host. After hitting the DIY scene, Cameron, aka Mr. Sledgehammer, realized this overwhelming need for landscape makeovers and launched a hit TV series America's Most Desperate Landscapes (AMDL). In just one day, Cameron and his crew transform the ugliest yards on the block to stunning outdoor spectacles, with new planting beds, healthy trees, fresh paint, crisp fencing and much more. In short, Cameron is the magical landscape fairy we've all dreamed of. Now, eight years, 13 seasons, and 169 episodes later, AMDL continues to help homeowners across the country reclaim their landscaping dignity by integrating top-of-the-line products, fresh designs, and creative solutions to yards that were once deemed hopeless. In a recent episode, Cameron and his crew hunt down yet another one of the country's most embarrassing, lackluster backyards. Their search leads them to the town of Mobile, Alabama, where they use unconventional tools and brilliant solutions to transform barren gardens, broken play areas, and a murky pool into a backyard oasis fit for a king. While Cameron might have been the famous magical landscape fairy, it was his use of innovative Flow Wall products for superstar solutions that made this property truly shine.

Flow Wall for the Win

Though Flow Wall products were created with garage organization in mind, their diverse functionality and various stylish features enable homeowners and contractors to render and configure a design which suits virtually any need. With a Flow Wall system, Cameron was able to create a unique space for that Mobile backyard that didn't just look good, but also served a valuable purpose: storage. Oftentimes, homeowners who have disheveled backyards struggle to maintain organization for things like yard tools, sporting equipment, outdoor gear, etc. However, with workstation units, shelving, cabinets, and dozens of other accessories, Cameron created a unique, one-of-a-kind space for his clients. Not only did he develop storage solutions that the homeowners could easily access and maintain, but he integrated it into the overall design of the entire makeover.

Follow in Mr. Sledgehammer's Footsteps

Chances are you're no Jason Cameron, and you don't have a crew of experts to help you flip your landscape in a single day, nor do you have years of construction experience to make landscape design second nature. However, you don't have to be an expert to make your design dreams come true. Whether you're revamping your garage or looking for customizable products to help turn your backyard into a functional working/living space, we can help you pick and choose the products for success. From tall cabinets and workstations to bins, drawers, and shelves, we have all you need to be your own magical makeover fairy. Start planning your design, today.