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Flow Wall On Houzz: Organizing Your Garage

By Flow Wall
July 19, 2016

Popular home improvement site, Houzz, recently featured Flow Wall as one of the best ways to reorganize your garage. In an article about simple ways to declutter and reorganize garage spaces to make them more functional and clutter-free, Houzz listed Flow Wall as one of the quickest and easiest methods for quality garage organization. With Flow Wall, you can install a simple hook system on the garage wall to hang common items like bikes, sports equipment, ladders, tools, hoses, skateboards and more. Not only does Flow Wall keep these large items off the ground and in one neat, organized area, but the entire system takes less than an hour to install, which is significantly less time-consuming than other organizational methods. Visit Flow Wall today for more information on the ultimate tool in organizing your garage. Check out the article from Houzz here: Outdoor Fix-Ups: Reorganising Your Garage