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Essential Tools No Garage Should Be Without and Where to Store Them

Essential Tools No Garage Should Be Without and Where to Store Them
By Flow Wall
July 13, 2017

Whether you're an average Joe who occasionally fixes common household problems or a professional handyman (or handywoman) who's always looking for the next project, there are a handful of common, essential tools that no garage or workshop should be without. Here are 15 of these must-have gadgets as well as handy tips on how to store your tool collection in an organized, functional manner.

  1. Drain-snake: Never struggle with clogged, slow-working shower and sink drains again. For under $3, you can get tools like the Zip-It Bath and Sink Hair Snare and dredge drains like a pro.
  2. Miter Saw: Make clean, calculated cuts on all your wood projects with a miter saw. A wide price range means you can pick the caliber of tool that fits your needs and budget.
  3. Hybrid ladder: From a 6-foot step ladder to a 10-foot extension ladder, a hybrid ladder fits the bill for virtually any project.
  4. Screwdriver Set: Regardless of your skill level, having a quality screwdriver set is a must. Look for at least a 10-piece set that includes slotted and Phillips-head sizes, as well as small stubby versions. You can also find a kit that has one base with dozens of interchangeable heads.
  5. Lightweight Snow Shovel: Investing in a lightweight snow shovel will save you on snowy days.
  6. Heavy-duty Tape Measure: An essential tool to have, you'll find yourself using a heavy-duty, 12-foot tape measure much more frequently than you might assume.
  7. X-Acto Knife Set: Get precise, accurate cuts with an X-Acto Knife set that includes several knife sizes and interchangeable knife heads.
  8. Hammer: Bang out your next project with a heavy-duty, smooth-faced claw hammer. Opt for one that weighs around 16 ounces for power, versatility, and usability.
  9. Putty: Repair putty can be a game changer when it comes to fixing things like leaky pipes, chipped brick or ceramic items, fraying charge cords, and much more.
  10. Toolbox: Keep your small tools organized and handy with a large-capacity, plastic toolbox. Opt for designs with a removable tray for added ease.
  11. Snips: For cutting projects that require less precision and more efficiency, grab a handy pair of snips.
  12. Heavy-Duty Tape: From making quick fixes to your car to mending tarps, buckets, and furniture, having a heavy-duty tape like Gorilla Tape or Duct Tape is the all-powerful fix-it tool.
  13. Power Cord: Having at least one extra-long, heavy-duty power cord is a critical tool when you need electricity in places where there are no outlets nearby.
  14. Flashlight: Rechargeable work lights eliminate the need for fresh batteries and can be left plugged in for an uncapped amount of time. Opt for a light that has at least 25 LEDs to get a product that can deliver at least eight hours of light per charge.
  15. Wrench and Plier Set: Owning a wrench and plier set is essential. Not only do these tools come in handy with general repair tasks like plumbing, car maintenance, and more, but they also help you snag and grip just about anything.

Effectively Storing Your Tools

Now that you have these essential tools, you'll need a place to store them in an organized and effective way. Think about it — the last thing you want is to be scrambling for the wrench when a pipe bursts or rummaging through a sea of unorganized garage chaos when all you need to do is hammer in a nail or two. While a tool box is undoubtedly a reliable solution for small tool collections, consider the benefits of installing a garage organization system that maximizes your garage storage and enables you to get the most use out of everyday maintenance tools and heavy-duty power tools. At Flow Wall, you can create a customized storage system that fits your workspace like a glove. From garage cabinets that help you stow away toolboxes, power tools, and mechanic tool sets, to shelving units that give your frequently-used tools an organized place to land, we have garage storage down to a science. Furthermore, with custom panels, you can mix and match hooks, baskets, and other attachments as your tool collection grows and changes. Whether you want to test out a starter kit or create your own, unique design, Flow Wall can make it happen.