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Creative ways to organize your home

By Flow Wall
March 26, 2014

If you are looking for a creative way to get organized this spring, try incorporating your organizational elements into your room's design! No matter what style you have created in your home, whether it is traditional or contemporary, you can get creative with your cleaning while keeping everything in its place and still within reach. Here are a few ideas to inspire you:

Organized office

One creative and stylish option you may overlook when considering redecorating or organizing rooms in your home is decorative bins. You can match bins to blend seamlessly into any decor. Mix large bins and small bins to keep all your items organized, from office supplies like paper clips and staples to larger necessities like reams of printer paper or writing pads. Install shelves in your office to keep bins off your desk, but close enough so you can reach them with ease.

Kitchen display

Do you have special kitchen tools you use all the time, like your favorite whisk or knife set? Why not display them so you can easily find them when you're cooking? A well-placed decor shelf can be the perfect addition to your room, which you can customize to complement the colors you have decorated with. Corral your utensils in a durable canister to keep on a shelf nearby so you don't have to go searching through drawers for everything you need at mealtime.

Wall art

Decor cubes are an attractive alternative to closed cabinets for housing all your items. Decor cubes can be decorated with anything you want to organize, from books or records to your collection of rare spoons. Showcase your items in any room in your home, or use collapsible decor bins to keep your things neat and out of sight. You can create a sleek and modern display that looks clean, or an elegant, traditional design that fits your room's personality.

Bathroom bins

Don't forget your bathroom as you prepare your house for spring! Bring in organizational elements like decor bins to hold your linens from bath towels to washcloths. You can even show off the bins in your bathroom for an attractive but functional display. Or, store extra rolls of toilet paper in them for a discreet hiding place that looks great! Create a cohesive design by choosing from a range of colors of decor bins that match the theme in your bathroom.