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Create the ultimate garage tool organization center with Flow Wall

By Flow Wall
March 3, 2014

If you have chosen this year as the time to organize your garage, start now. Soon the weather will be warm and your garage will be your go-to space to work with your tools. Flow Wall has everything you need to build the ultimate garage storage system. Here's how to get started:


The very first step is to declutter your space. Take everything out of your garage so you can start with a blank slate. Put all your belongings into piles based on their category. For example, put tools in one space and your garden supplies in another. Then make trash, donate and sells bins so you can get rid of everything you no longer have use for.

Plan your space

Once your garage is completely clutter free you are ready to plan its layout. If your tool storage and workspace is the most important part of your garage, dedicate a large area for it. However, be sure to leave room for your car if you wish to store it inside the garage as well. It's best to set up your tool center and workspace in a corner of your garage - that way you'll more wall space for your built-ins.

Add built-ins

Flow Wall's modular system combines panels and cabinets to fit your storage needs. For a small garage space, you may only need a Wall and Base Cabinet Combo in white or gray, which are the perfect hues for the garage, if you want an industrial look. However, if you have a larger space to work with, the Jumbo Cabinet Drawer Workstation is the perfect fit. The drawers allow you to to store smaller tools right within arm's reach. But if you want to pull out all the stops, the Dream Garage has the ultimate storage setup. It has full-length cabinets for larger tools and a wall full of hooks to store your hand tools within view.

Extra organization tips

Once your garage storage plans are complete, you need to build your workspace. Choose a wide table that supports the projects you want to tackle. Position it directly in front of your cabinets so you'll have everything you need close by. Add labels to your wall full of hooks so you can know where each item needs to be stored. It's also helpful if you plan your space by project. For example, store your wood cutting tools in one cabinet and resource materials, like how-to books, in another.