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Clean Up Your Craft Room With the Help of Craft Cabinets and Handy Ribbon Organizers

Clean Up Your Craft Room With the Help of Craft Cabinets and Handy Ribbon Organizers
By Flow Wall
August 17, 2017

A craft room is a great place to get away and lose yourself in a project. Yet, often it is easy to literally get lost in the craft room due to the clutter and chaos around us. If you dread going into your project room because of the craziness, now is the time to get your space organized. When it comes to storing your hodgepodge of craft items, here are some simple and functional ways to organize your room.

Ribbon Organizers for the Win

Ribbon can be hard to store since it unravels easily and often becomes tangled. Instead, there are many options for organizing craft ribbon of every width and length. With a variety of colors and textures, why not put your ribbon and bows on display while keeping the messes at bay? You can hang or display your ribbons on sturdy hooks or pegs which allow you hang a wide array of ribbons. Another storage method is to include shelves where you can line your spools of ribbon in a row for easy access. You can also place decorative baskets on the shelves to store your ribbon and other items in.

Fabric Organization

For those who have a lot of fabric lying around, there are some great storage systems you can use to arrange your items. Use cabinets and  shelves to categorize your fabric from color, texture, and son on. If you want to add some creativity to your room, you can draped the fabric from wall hangers or hooks to brighten up the room. You can also store fabric in a filing cabinet-turned-fabric-storage. Or for those with the closet space, fold the fabric on hangers and display in your craft room closet.

Knick-Knacks & Doo-Dad Storage

Most craft rooms have a wide assortment of glitter, yarn, buttons, bows, and so much more. For all those knick-knacks, why not install some cabinets and bins for easy storage? This way you can conceal the messier parts of your latest DIY project in a functional way. Within your craft cabinets you can line jars of paint, beads, and other items. While you're at it, why not hang a magnetic stripe to hang scissors and other metal items. You might even want to consider installing cabinets along the entire wall for extra storage. When it comes to organizing your craft room, be sure to look for durable and sturdy pieces. Also, choose pieces which are visually appealing since you want to have a room you feel comfortable in. You will probably spend a lot of time in there so make sure it reflects you and your personality.