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Build the garage wood shop that's best for you

By Flow Wall
February 2, 2015

Garages most often serve as simple storage spaces, and they do the job well, but a well-equipped space can have many more fulfilling uses. Woodworking is a timeless favorite of home hobbyists and crafters, and garages tend to suit this purpose especially well. Not only is your garage likely the largest empty space you have to work in, it can allow you to do the noisy, messy job of woodworking without disturbing your home's other inhabitants.

While garages make great wood shops, you can't expect yours to do the job without putting in some work yourself. Woodworking can be complicated and dangerous, and equipping your shop with the right tools can help you stay safe and achieve the best results.

Plan for the future

Setting up a fully equipped wood shop is an expensive undertaking, so it's best to start with the basics while leaving yourself room to expand in the future. The first step to building your shop is to take measurements of your space. Your tools and materials will require a significant amount of room to operate and store, and that amount will only grow as your shop expands. You'll also need to allot space for projects in progress, which sometimes have to be kept in specific positions as adhesives or paints dry.

It's best to measure out the total space you'll need for your initial equipment and materials, consider any expansion you plan on doing, then add a generous amount of extra space for unforeseen needs. Some garage storage cabinets have sturdy tops that can double as added workspaces for when you need to paint, glue or do any other work after cutting your wood. These pieces can be an invaluable benefit, as they provide extra room to work while storing the tools you'll be relying on close at hand. Using the right garage storage system, you could build a workspace that keeps your materials, tools and in-progress projects all within reach, meaning you won't waste time searching the wood shop for any components.

Everything in its place

Even the most solid plans can sometimes have holes in them, and your needs will probably change as your shop expands or you attempt to tackle larger projects. Choosing the right storage solution can go a long way toward helping your shop meet these adjustments. Wall storage systems can be reconfigured as you acquire more tools or build up your stock of raw materials, so you won't be left with cabinets that no longer suit your needs or be forced to start your shop over from square one. Wall mount shelves that once held a few tools can be replaced with more versatile wall bins as your collection grows, and the entire system can be moved from place to place as your workflow changes. By combining bins and shelves of varying sizes, you can make sure that your storage solution fits your exact needs and nothing gets lost in the shuffle.