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8 Tips for Laundry Room Storage

By Flow Wall
March 23, 2017

Have you given much thought to what your ideal laundry room would look like? If you spend much of your life doing laundry, you probably have. But if you always thought that giving your laundry room a makeover was unrealistic, think again. Here are 8 laundry room storage tips to help you turn your current space into the organized laundry room you've always wanted.

1. Use Cabinets to Hide Dirty Laundry

Out of sight, out of mind, right? Cabinets offer the perfect fa√ßade to keep dirty laundry hidden away. You can manipulate cabinets to conceal laundry baskets that can easily be pulled out for washing, or cut holes in the cabinet tops to act as a bit of a laundry chute. 

2. Utilize Wall Space

If possible, hang everything you can. Use paneling on your walls to help you attach hooks, which can easily be used to hold storage shelving, baskets, drying racks, and anything else you need. 

3. Baskets are Excellent for Small Storage

Baskets, whether attached to your walls, stored on shelves, or within cabinets, are excellent for holding clothespins, stain removers, unmatched socks, and even lint.

4. Give Old Ladders a New Life 

Have an old wooden ladder you don't know what to do with? Give it a new coat of paint and suspend it from your ceiling to add extra space for hanging clothes to dry. Lay pants over the rungs, use it to hang shirts and jackets on hangers—get creative and get those clothes dry.

5. Utilize Every Nook and Cranny

Look for any nooks and crannies in your laundry room, and fill them. Use slim rolling shelves to add storage space beside your washer and dryer, hang shelves on any open walls to store detergent, and consider placing shelves directly on top of front loaders. Clothes lines are another easy way to make the most of your space, allowing you to extend and retract the line as needed, optimizing storage for small places. 

6. Keep Storage Pretty

If you have open shelving, consider storing your detergent and other supplies in apothecary jars to make items look good while keeping them accessible. Use chalkboard labels to identify the contents and add to the jars' charm.

7. Secure Ironing Board to the Wall

Attaching your ironing board to the wall is a simple way to save space, while maintaining easy access to iron clothes as needed.

8. Over the Door Shoe Organizers Can Do Anything

If you haven't used an over the door shoe organizer to store anything other than shoes, you're missing out. Hang the organizer over the door to your laundry room and use it to store cleaning supplies. Buy a handful of these organizers and use them in every room in your house you won't regret it!

Get Started Now

Start implementing these 8 tips in your laundry room today and you'll find your laundry day experiences improving tremendously.