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5 places to add built-ins in your home renovation project

By Flow Wall
March 6, 2014

A home renovation project is a huge undertaking, so you should make detailed plans to ensure you get what you want. There often never seems to be enough storage space in homes, so as you make a renovation to-do list, consider installing some built-in cabinets and wall mount shelves. Not sure where to put them? Keep reading for a list of the top places that can benefit from a wall-mounted storage system:

1. Home office

A home office is a great addition to a house, but only if it is well designed. It's often impossible to be productive if you don't have a place to store your files and have ample room to work. Install a wall-mounted workstation. It utilizes room on the wall while making space for all your supplies. For example, you can store books, folders and even a printer in the overhead cabinet, which keeps the items hidden from view for a clutter-free work area.

2. Closet

You can install a modular storage system in just about any closet in your home. It's a great option for a growing family because you can change up the layout as your needs evolve. Also, you can pick up decor bins to either place in a corner on the floor or on a shelf. They are the perfect container for kids to toss their dirty clothes in.

3. Laundry room

Laundry spaces are often small, so make the most of your square footage while completing your home remodeling project. Install some panels so you can hang wall cabinets to store your detergent and fabric softener. For another option, you can install a Laundry and Utility Starter kit, which has everything you need to become organized.

4. Garage

A garage can be a valuable home feature, when it's equipped with a smart storage system. With wall-mounted panels you can install shelves, cabinets or cubbies for whatever you need. Then you'll have enough space for your car, tool collection and everything else you want to store.

5. Basement

You can use built-ins to create an entertaining space in your basement. Once you the basement is complete with insulation and drywall it is ready for furniture. Install panels and cabinets so you have a place to store your spirits, mixers and cocktail making tools. Fill the room with sofas, chairs and a flat-screen TV for the ultimate man cave. You can also use the modular system in your basement to house all your seasonal furniture and accessories - it's the perfect place to hide away Christmas decorations and off-season clothes.