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5 New Year's Resolutions Your Garage is Begging You to Make

By Flow Wall
December 29, 2015

Your garage is probably the most overlooked area of your home. To most of us, the garage is the place where we dump the things we don't necessarily want laying around the house. Although your garage is more than willing to let you do what you want with it, that doesn't mean that it's happy about it. Your kitchen got a makeover. Your bathroom got those double sinks that it's always wanted. All the while your garage has kept quiet, never demanding anything. We're going to tell you what your garage actually wants from you this year. While you're thinking about the New Year's resolutions that you're going to make, here are five resolutions that could help make your garage a dream garage in 2016.

1. Purge It

Like we said before, your garage has more than likely become the place where you store the stuff that you don't just want laying around the house. For some odd reason, even if you're never planning on using it or displaying it, you just haven't gotten rid of all that junk yet. Why does the garage seem like a better place for that junk rather than a dumpster or donation center? Here's a little insight into how your garage feels about that: "You know, that old lamp has been on my shelf for literally years and not once have I ever seen it moved let alone turned on. I'm not just the place you put old lamps! And look over there. Old wedding gifts. These people have been married for 16 years! Why are they wasting my square footage with that stuff? When's the last time the car was even in here?" Do your garage a favor this year and promise that you'll clean out the junk that has been making all that clutter. As you're cleaning it out, you'll find inspiration for what you can do with all the extra space. Maybe you'll make room for that workbench you've always wanted. If you haven't seen or used it in a year or more, then seriously consider whether you should keep it. Quick tip: To make yourself actually purge your garage, rent a dumpster and make getting rid of things easier on yourself. The fact that you are paying for the dumpster will motivate you to take action.

2. Clean It

A great garage purge provides the perfect opportunity for you to really do some deep cleaning. With all that junk out of the way, it will be even easier for you to get hold of a power washer and get rid of those old oil stains on the floor. Garage cleaning is an activity not many of us look forward to doing. In fact, most of us would rather watch paint dry. But taking the time to deep clean your garage after you've purged it of your junk will turn your garage from a place of storage into a place of activity. You'll be more willing to actually go into your garage instead of avoiding it like it doesn't exist. Want to know how your garage feels about the situation? "Holy cow, I can't believe how often the living room gets vacuumed. The kitchen seems like it gets wiped down and mopped every other day. Even the shed gets cleaned more than I do! How would these people feel if they went years without bathing?" Quick tip: Get as much of the dust and grime off the garage floor with good old fashioned elbow grease before you use the power washer. This way, you're power washing won't take as long.

3. Organize It

Just how do you organize a garage? Your garage isn't expecting you to turn it into a second family or living room. It knows that it was designed for storage and work. It expects to be used for things like oil changes and carpentry. But is it unreasonable for your garage to expect to be kept organized for those kinds of activities? Oil changes require tools like wrenches and pans. Carpentry projects require tools like drills, chisels, screwdrivers, and nails. What's the point of doing all that purging and cleaning if those tools are just going to lie around in piles? You garage has watched you work for a long time. "If this guy isn't careful, he's going to lose that set of wrenches. They cost a lot of money. I know this guy. If he doesn't stay organized, he'll waste the money he spent on them. I could really use some drawers, shelves, or cabinets for that kind of stuff. Why doesn't he just install them!? It would save him so much space...and money!" Flow Wall's 17pc Dream Garage unit is just what your garage needs to feel like it's doing its job properly. It has a work bench, storage shelves, cabinets, wall hooks, and everything else you need to keep your garage happy. Quick tip: If you can't afford an extensive organization renovation right now, start small and begin with just a few extra shelves and gradually add what you need.

4. Use It

So, you've gone through the trouble of purging, cleaning, and organizing your garage. Now is the time for you to do what you initially envisioned yourself doing there! If your goal was to make it so that you could park your car again, get behind the wheel and park it. If you wanted a nice personal work space to make your birdhouses, then buy the wood and paint and craft away. What good is any room in your house if you never use it for what it was intended for? The beautiful thing about a garage is that it's sort of a multi-purpose space. A kitchen is a kitchen and does what a kitchen does. You can't use a bathroom as a rec room. A garage can be what you want it to be. It can be a car port, workspace, game room, man cave, or storage unit. No other room in your house has as many possible uses. Quick tip: If you make the point to purchase small appliances or decorations that will have specific uses in your garage, then you'll be more motivated to use the space for what you intended it for.

5. Upgrade It

If you've started using your garage after cleaning it out and organizing it, you'll almost always find something that you'll want to improve upon. Maybe the shelves are looking a bit old and rickety. Or maybe you could use some wall hooks to store those awkwardly big tools like ladders or brooms. It's your space. You deserve to be comfortable in it. Even more so, your garage deserves a few upgrades to make it look and feel nicer. A new coat of paint on the walls can give the space more light than it had before when the walls were dark, grey, and dingy. Adding new lights, decoration and a garage wall organizer will make it more comfortable. Upgrading your garage will motivate you to keep it clean and free of clutter throughout the year. Quick tip: Upgrading doesn't necessarily mean new appliances and shelves. It could mean reinforcing already existing organization tools like replacing rusty screws or switching out old beat up bins for more weather resistant vinyl ones.


Don't ignore your garage this year. There's a lot space there that you could be doing so much more with. However you choose to go about keeping your New Year's garage resolutions, make sure that you do it with a specific goal in mind. You'll work a lot harder and be much more motivated if you keep your vision in mind as you work.