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15 Tips For Making Your Garage Storage Systems Versatile For Different Seasons

By Flow Wall
June 28, 2018

There's nothing like having all the tools you need for a job. However, there is one thing that can stand in the way of getting things done efficiently, and that is not being able to find the right tool when you need it. Let's face it, having a useful item doesn't do much good if it can't be found. To solve this classic homeowner conundrum, it pays to get your things in place. With well-thought-out garage organization systems, everything can have its place and be there right when you need it. Here are 15 tips for creating a system that works for you all year long.

1. Take Inventory

The first thing you want to do is go through your things and make note of everything you have. Then you can start to get it organized by deciding what you want to keep and what you may want to get rid of.

2. Keep Similar Items Together

To make your garage storage solutions work for you all year round, keep similar items together. That way, when the holidays approach or summer gardening needs to be done, you can find it all in the same place.

3. Get The Timing Right

Part of storing things in a sensible way involves doing so in ways that compliment when and how you will use them. You can keep all your summer stuff together, for example. Also, if you use something frequently, even if only during a season or two, make it easier to get to than something you use only once, like holiday decorations. Yard tools that you use often can be placed on wall hooks or straps for easy access and low-profile storage.

4. Make It Work Together

Garage organization systems are key to keeping things organized. By using items that work well together, like cabinets and drawers that fit your space just right, you can make the most of your space.

5. Consider Rotating Items

You can also move things around by season. Maybe hooks that are easier to access can hold yard tools in the summer and snow shovels in the winter, with the out of season items moved to a less accessible spot.

6. Use A Variety Of Organizational Tools

There are many types of garage storage options out there, and it's important that you find components that work together. From complete wall units and drawer sets to hooks and straps, a good variety of solutions will help you store a diverse range of things.

7. Keep Things Out During Their Season

Straps and garage storages shelves can allow for easy access when things are used frequently. Consider having a special quick-access place for items like these.

8. Then Store Them Away

An efficient system can also include places for long-term storage for items that won't be used for months to come. Be strategic when considering where to store these items, such as high cupboards or shelves that aren't accessed regularly.

9. Store Things Intuitively

When you lose something, the best place to store it (once you find it) is where you first looked for it. Try to use this type of intuitive system for storing items to keep them in relatively obvious places.

10. Make A Plan That Will Last

Really take the time to set up your garage organization system to last. A little more work upfront will save you much more time going forward.

11. Use Durable Materials

If you want your system to last, you want the products you use to last as well. Make sure the garage organization options you choose are well made.

12. Plan for Future Acquisitions

If possible, leave some garage storage shelves open to make room for those items that you will get in the future.

13. Keep Up On Your Organization

If you plan well, your garage will be easier to maintain. That being said, you need to put in a little regular effort to keep things in their places. Try to put things back where you got them and regularly sweep out and clean your garage when it is dirty.

14. Keep Evaluating

No matter how thorough you are when you plan, your garage storage system probably won't be perfect from the start. Keep possible improvements in mind so you can refine it to make it better.

15. Aesthetics

A clean, organized garage looks great. Complement that look with great looking storage systems. You will feel good about it every time you see it. If you get a system that works matches, your whole garage organization system will work together and look nice. To get your garage storage system working for you, put these tips into practice. They will help you keep your garage organized all year long, no matter the season.