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Cleaning Checklist: 11 Most Neglected Areas in Your Home

Cleaning Checklist: 11 Most Neglected Areas in Your Home
By Flow Wall
April 7, 2016

Vacuuming and organizing are important tasks, but you may be unwittingly overlooking several places in your home, despite all your cleaning efforts. To give your home the thorough cleaning it deserves, don't forget these 11 often-neglected areas.

1. Chandeliers and ceiling light fixtures

Typically the most neglected areas of your home are above eye level. Chandeliers and light fixtures collect dust just like anything, but we rarely make the effort to clean them. In addition to dust, small bugs have a tendency to get stuck in ceiling light fixtures.

2. Ceiling fans

Just like chandeliers, ceiling fans are another dust culprit. If left uncleaned for a long time, the dust can build up into a thick gunk that is difficult to clean. Thankfully, it's easy to climb up on a chair and dust them off every other week or so.

3. Vents

Your AC and heating vents will begin to gather dust and dead bugs if neglected. To give it a good clean, remove the vent's covering and soak in soapy water.

4. The inside of your trash can

Admit it, sometimes trash doesn't always makes its way into the bag. Spills and overflow can cause garbage to get into the trash can, contributing to unpleasant odors. To thoroughly clean them, spray them off with a hose outside, and use a good anti-bacterial soap to scrub them down.

5. Counter gaps, crevices, and underneath appliances

Often, the most neglected areas of our homes are also the most difficult to get to. You may need to move around appliances and scour little crevices with a scrub brush (or even a q-tip), but aim for cleaning these areas at least one to two times every year.

6. Refrigerator

Little spills and drips inside your refrigerator can harden and stain over time. Additionally, you probably don't want to wait until your fridge stinks. Instead, give it a thorough cleaning twice a month to keep it clean, sanitary, and sparkling.

7. The dishwasher

Your dishwasher does the cleaning, so why would it need to be cleaned? If you don't clean it, however, hard water stains can build up and cause damage and reduce performance. To maintain your dishwasher and keep it running for years and years, run a cycle with white vinegar every month or so (or consult the owner's manual for maintenance instructions).

8. Blinds

If neglected, blinds can start to look pretty rough. They also get harder to clean the longer you let them gather dust. To avoid frustration, dust them off with a good duster every 3-6 months. Be sure to rotate the blinds to get both sides.

9. Under the sink

The area under your sink has a tendency to collect dust and empty cleaning bottles. Keep it tidy by cleaning it out and organizing it every year during your spring cleaning ritual.

10. Your houseplants

Most people don't think of houseplants as needing to be cleaned, yet they collect dust just like anything else. Gently dust leaves and branches to keep them looking healthy and attractive.

11. Remote controls

Since they're handled daily, remote controls are germ-magnets, yet many people rarely clean them, if at all. Clean off the dirty fingerprints with an antibacterial cleaning solution to keep your remote controls sanitary and looking new. Once you've given your home the attention it deserves, don't overlook your garage. Check out our tips for avoiding these 5 things that kill garage organization.